Bright Shiny Things: Teh Forum Game totally pwns…RLY!

Ever since Pete started Bright Shiny Things a few weeks back, I’ve been searching for the perfect game to write about. While thumbing through the February issue of GFW, I found inspiration in a feature titled “52 Free Games: A Year’s Worth of Gratis Gaming.” I’ve downloaded a few of the suggested games (Bossinabox, Crayon Physics, and Gunlimb), but when I came across Teh Forum Game, I knew it was match made in heaven, considering I spend a good amount of time each day in our our forums.

Brought to you by Jonny Comics, Inc. & Teh Forum Team, the game makes numerous references to what you’d see in an internet forum discussion — so expect plenty of w00ts, tehs, and animated gif files. You can also expect total nonsense — which frequently occurs in numerous message boards (but I wouldn’t know anything about that 🙂 ). In a one-minute sequence, I found myself deflecting orbs at Harry Potter, scanning for BS, eating Celine Dion heads, and then trying to drink up oil with Eric Clapton’s “Change the World” playing the background.

On top of paying homage to internet forums, the game also tips its hat to 8-bit platforming titles — particularly Mega Man 2 (just wait until you see the game’s intro). Teh Forum Game is also reminiscent of Nintendo’s WarioWare games — in that it’s very strange and always keeps you on your toes with varied gameplay mechanics.

I’m glad the game is free, but if someone released it, I’m sure it would print money. So if you’re looking to kill a few minutes, check it out for a good laugh. I’d be playing it still, but I think it jammed up my Shift button. Gstaff am cry.

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