Todd talks Fallout 3


A new interview with our very own Todd Howard has gone up at videogaming247. Among other things, Todd discusses Fallout 3’s cross-platform launch, how decisions you make will help determine the game’s ending, and how Cormac McCarthy’s book, “The Road,” has been an influence on the game’s development. Here’s a sample of what he had to say:

Q: The “post-disaster” genre isn’t particularly well visited in games, certainly not as well as in movies and books. Do you look outside games for inspiration? We’re thinking along the lines of Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”, and so on.

A: You picked one of the big ones, yes. “The Road” is fantastic and came out in the middle of our design phase, so it became required reading for many of us. We looked at many post nuclear movies, some very disturbing, things that deal with Hiroshima and such, and it gave us a good look at that type of nuclear destruction. Other general ones we looked at were things dealing with survival or how people deal with the effects of any war or rebuilding.

To read the rest of the interview, click here.

Reader Comments

  1. Hello Fellow Bethesda Staff 🙂 Its been a while since i comment because I have been kind of busy, my expectations were: WOW so many time away from their blog/website some cool Screenshots and trailers must have been released about fallout3 😀 i just cant wait to see them!!

    You know what I found? 0
    Only 3 new screenshots at your website and nothing more 🙂 isn’t that awesome??? EVEN fans do more! Ive seen some cool art from fans, but from you guys completly nothing!

    Ive read this on the internet, of a website that did some coverage of fallout3:

    “Once here you can opt to take on a small series of mission before moving out of the confines of the relatively safe town and into the desolate, super mutant stalked streets of Washington DC, which is jaw-droppingly rendered.”

    Where are de jaw droppingly rendered trailers? where is some ingame footage? EVERY DAMN GAME WEBSITE HAS SEEN FALLOUT3 INGAME, EVERY ONE OF THEM AND THE FANS THAT REALLY MATTER HERE HAVEN’T!!!


    I’m a huge fan of Bethesda as I am from Fallout, I’ve bought Fallout1,2 and oblivion so you can see that Im a spender, but I feel forgoten by You guys. Even Blizzard that usually makes Us wait god damn long, has made some really interesting updates to their starcraft2 ingame.

    Thank you for the few screenshots that we have seen over, and over, and over, and over again.

  2. Given that the game isn’t finished yet and no release date has been named, it’s hardly surprising that there’s no new information. It could be nearly a year before the game comes out – and to be fair, it’s not normal to know too much with that kind of timescale. We don’t hear album previews when the band are still in the studio, nor get to see rushes of film footage with temporary soundtracks – but a visiting journalist might. Just hang in there – we’ll know more soon.

  3. and no release date has been named,

    Fall 2008, according to the official site.

    it’s not normal to know too much with that kind of timescale.

    In the games industry it isn’t that rare, maybe that’s why you had to get examples from other industries?

    I’m sure new info will come out until E3, and on that particular venue a media blitz will start for sure. That should be interesting.

  4. Great info and fantastic to know it will be a Rpg style game. Sounds very bleak. Looks to be another totally addictive immersive experiance on the level of The Elder Scrolls series.

    Thankfully I only played the first FALLOUT when it came out so I wont be jumping into the game with any expectations since its obvious this is going to be something..beyond.