Pop Quiz, hotshot!


Now that you know a little more about The Imperial Library, it’s pop quiz time. Over on the site GoToQuiz, I found a new 20 question quiz for Oblivion. The questions are actually pretty good, and I only managed a 60% — I suppose I should have grabbed the strategy guide from my shelf before taking the quiz.

Anyhow, check out the quiz here, and feel free to post your score.

Reader Comments

  1. You are a Oblivion Genius 60%


    [cheats]You are a Oblivion Genius 100%


  2. You are a Oblivion Genius 80%

    pretty good for a gal that hasent even gotten close to finishing the game, much less SI or KotN 😀 no cheating either, unlike the rest of yall 😛

  3. You are a Oblivion Genius 75%

    You love Oblivion and your good at it your so close to becoming a Master, But maybe you just need to finish uncomplete mission to get that far. Good Score!!

    not bad i suppose

  4. I got 95% because I missed the question about the Unicorn being stabled. It’s not that I didn’t know it, it’s that I skipped right over it without seeing it.

    This just proves, though, that I have absolutely no life at all whatsoever. LOL

  5. 65% But my field is the Altmeri and Ayleidic junk. So I’m not ashamed. I did pretty decent for never doing the Fighters Guild or any of the minor quests (save for the Bloated Float). 😛

  6. 85%

    A few quests, I did once when I first bought the game. Those quests happen to be on this quiz.

    Not a bad time killer though.