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You probably figured out already that we’re not doing a lot of talking at GDC this week — it’s been pretty busy around here with everyone cracking on Fallout 3. Still, if you need a break from all the GDC news, here are a few newsworthy mentions I thought I’d share.

I noticed Destructoid has shared the results of their “which one game has eaten up more hours of your life than any other game ever has” debate, and both Morrowind (#6) and Oblivion (#2) made the top ten. Even combining votes, these games would still end up trailing World of WarCRACK craft. No surprise there.

Just when I thought everyone had shared their “Most Anticipated” lists, two more came to my attention. Over at 1UP, Fallout 3 made their “Most Anticipated PC Games of 2008” list. That doesn’t mean they don’t think it’ll be good game on Xbox 360 or PS3 — multiplatform releases were only mentioned for one platform.

Moving on to the next list, Gametrailers has a video up today that shares their “Top 10 Anticipated Games of 2008.” Fallout 3 takes the #3 spot. Since the video is at the top of this post, you might already know that.

Finally, we got word from Game Industry News that their GOTY nominees have been announced. We’re excited to learn that we’re nominated in four different categories. Shivering Isles took in two nominations (Best RPG and Best Environment), while Oblivion is one of six nominees up for Best PlayStation 3 game. Rounding out our nominees, Star Trek: Legacy is up against some steep competition in the Best Soundtrack category. If you’re interested in voting for any of the nominees, sign up for their newsletter.

Reader Comments

  1. This is where I insert the:

    Oblivion and Morrowind may trail, but World of Warcraft holds no candle to the extremely detailed Lore of Tamriel. Tamriel Lore > Azeroth/Outlands Lore.

    Those are the only comparable aspects, as I’ve been nagged at before over the issue. Yes, I play World of Warcraft… but I find my thirst for entertainment quenched while playing Oblivion by myself, than dealing with angry teens texting me with, “asl pls”.

    Rar, end rant.

  2. I just started playing Morrowind a few days ago and am enjoying it immensely, even after having played Oblivion, though the advancements made by Oblivion do leave me feeling somewhat annoyed when fighting, for example, as the system is much worse than that included in Oblivion.
    Anyway, if the successful elements of these two games could be combined, and overall BETTERED and more things added, naturally, IMO that would make for the perfect sequel to Oblivion.

  3. [I have not played World of Warcrack, but I love my Elder Crack.

    Left by Andrew on February 22nd, 2008

    I play Elder Scrolls the natural high youse blimey junkies youse! 😀