Oblivion theme performed live

Thought I’d share a cool video that was pointed out to me. As you can see (and hear), it’s a live performance of Oblivion’s theme music. The footage comes from a fan that attended Play! A Video Game Symphony in Stockholm last summer.

For those that are unfamiliar with Play! — it’s a touring symphony (with choir) that performs music from popular games like Super Mario Bros., Castlevania, and Halo. In addition to Oblivion, the program also includes music from Morrowind. Play! is conducted and directed by Grammy-award winner Arnie Roth. In his career, Roth has conducted the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted concerts dedicated to music from the Final Fantasy series, and even worked with 80s yacht rocker Peter Cetera. Talk about eclectic!

Two years ago, Play! was in the DC area and I regretted missing it. Here’s hoping that there’s another tour on the horizon.

Reader Comments

  1. Okay, hear me out on this….
    Guitar Hero III has the awesome Halo theme.
    Oblivion has an awesome game theme.
    Rock Band needs an awesome game theme (well, besides the Portal song)
    EA publishes Rock Band.
    Oblivion was published by Take 2.
    EA is buying Take 2.
    There for EA should be publishing Oblivion
    So the Oblivion theme is coming to Rock Band!!!!

  2. Ah, I would give anything to perform with that Choir.

    What a treat that was watching, if even on my computer. The music definitely helped bring the game to life– I would say, “when I played it”, but I still play it. 😛

  3. That was great – I love the theme tune, definitely my favourite piece in the soundtrack.

    It was a great effect having scenes from the game displayed as well. I thought it worked really well. I bet it would have been an amazing experience if you were sat in the audience.


  4. Awe inspiring. I attended the concert in Toronto back in 2006, and it was truly fantastic (although the Hummingbird Center’s acoustics left something to be desired), and heard this piece played there. I’m hoping they return :).

    A minor correction to your post though, Gstaff. The orchestra itself does not travel from city to city, but is instead the orchestra for that city (so the Toronto concert was performed by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, while the Stockholm concert was performed by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir.

  5. Oblivion was published by Take 2.
    EA is buying Take 2.
    There for EA should be publishing Oblivion
    So the Oblivion theme is coming to Rock Band!!!!

    Take 2 does not own Oblivion, Zenimax Media does, i think Take 2 only helped publish it in certain parts of the world.
    And Take 2 refused EA’s offer as well, though i guess they might come up with a better one.

  6. I attended this concert, and also the one before it (though I can’t remember when that was at the moment). They performed the Morrowind theme one the first concert.

    I found the first concert to be a lot better in general, the song selection was more interesting, and there was a nice mix of known arrangements and new ones. My favourite one was actually the Battlefield theme (a game which I do not like very much in general) which was extremely powerful live.
    A fun thing for the second concert though was that Akira Yamaoka (composer of the Silent Hill series music) came out and played electric guitar on ‘Theme of Laura’ (from Silent Hill 2).

    If you see a PLAY! concert planned in your area, then I recommend it. It was good fun, though I suspect ticket prices will only go up as more people know about it.

  7. I actually was on that show. Didn’t get Oblivion until about 6 months later, but thanks to that show, I now got it.

    One of the best pieces from the show was the track from Metal Gear Solid that they played. Reign of the Septims and that one was by far the best that night.

    I really recommend the shows. Hearing the Super Mario Theme with a Symphony Orchestra is something that you never forget, for example.

  8. I dunno if you’re gonna get this, but Play! is coming to Baltimore on July 18.
    Don’t miss it.

    Also, I’m trying to get a video-game music concert going at my school next school year, it’d be great to have a guest speaker ;).