More Fallout 3 Details in OXM (US) Cover Story


The April issue of OXM is now making its way to subscribers in the US as we speak. The cover story features a number of new areas and also features a host of new screens from different parts of the game, including new areas, new creatures/NPCs, weapons, etc. We don’t want to give away too much info on what’s in there, except to say it has the best ending line of any Fallout 3 preview thus far, thanks to a quote from Emil.

Look for the issue to be on newsstands the week of March 10 and keep your eyes open for new content coming from those folks in the form of a podcast or something else around that date.

Reader Comments

  1. If I don’t get Fallout 3 on time, I’ll kill myself.

    Also, if I don’t get PS3 DLC for Oblivion before I get Fallout 3, I’ll kill myself.

    Your move.

  2. There’s an awful lot of things in life more important than games, Dennis. You might be joking, but it’s not very nice to threaten people like that.

    Always good to see more coverage. The anticipation is part of the fun – like waiting in line for a concert.