Featured Mods at the Oblivion Files


Visiting the Oblivion Files, I noticed they’ve updated the “featured mods” on their main page.

In the “featured armour” department, AlexScorpion’s Adamantium Battlesuit is pretty sweet. After reading about it, it took me several mintues to figure out what famous character used armor like this. I asked my friend at Bungie if it had anything to do with Halo…no dice. Then looking at the armor pics, I started thinking maybe it was the body suit Raiden used in Metal Gear Solid 2. Wrong again. Finally, I came across a Wikipedia link that revealed Wolverine’s skeletal makeup and claws were adamantium. I knew I knew it from somewhere. 🙂

Moving right along, the “featured spell” on the site is Unnatural Aura from our pal Trollf. The mod actual adds two spells — Unnatural Aura and Unnatural Perception. Here’s a brief description of the two:

“There’s the ‘Unnatural Aura’ Spell, which lets you put several different effects(Shaders) on your character, from the fog that comes off a Zombie, to the electricity from a shock spell, to the eerie glow of a ghost. The second spell, ‘Unnatural Perception’ allows to to put these same effects on Non Player Characters and creatures.”

Lastly, the “featured home” mod is Solsthiem Abandoned Shack from newcomer Arron_Dominion. Not the most luxurious place to live, but hey, it’s all about location…right? With this Morrowind mod, you can have a cozy retreat right on the shore of Fort Frostmoth on Solsthiem Island. Great work!

That’s it for now. If you have a mod you’d like to share with us, send us an email.

Reader Comments

  1. Adamantium is also a common armor from Daggerfall and a very rare armor in Morrowind, I thought of those first when reading about this suit.

  2. RTM. 😛

    Alexscorpion has made some great spin offs on the MG:S 4 armor. Hope he releases them as a compilation one day, all in one esp. My mod list has been capped forever now. 🙁