And the answer is: Morrowind!


Lots of folks got it. It was an easy one. Thanks to everyone who posted a guess for Name That Sound!

The answer is The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The sample is from Morrowind’s gorgeous soundtrack by Jeremy Soule. It is my personal favorite track from the game – mx_explore_7 – and I, too, have the soundtrack for Morrowind (and Oblivion) on my Iphone.

I promise to make the next one tougher.

Here is the entire track for your listening enjoyment:


Reader Comments

  1. Ok, I’ve had to do it, all this talk about Morrowind has given me a nostalgia attack. As it’s not out on the PS3 and my original Morrowind CD’s are damaged, I’ve re-bought the PC version of the game (GOY edition) for £4.75 which included delivery, I just hope my vista laptop will play it.