What we’re playing: Game Over Edition?


So this week we’re back to talking about games, and I’m starting to wonder if guys at the office actually spend more time watching stuff, listening to music, and reading books — you’ll see the response level is about half of what I got last week. Could be that everyone’s busy, or maybe they’re just playing the same things they were last time?? I’m guessing it’s the latter, and that when I turn on my 360 or PS3 over the weekend, I’ll see guys from the office playing plenty of stuff

At any rate, here’s what some of the office is playing. We’ll kick it off with Jeff Gardiner, since he whined that he never gets to be “on the front page.” Congrats Jeff…you made it!

Jeff Gardiner, Producer: Sins of a Solar Empire

Chris Esko, System Programmer: TF2, Mass Effect, Descent the board game.

Pete Hines: Just finished Professor Layton. Playing Brain Age, Tiger Woods 08, Picross, Zelda

Gavin Carter, Producer: Playing Lost Odyssey and really enjoying it quite a — *DISC UNREADABLE – SORRY YOU LOST HOURS OF PROGRESS*.

Matt Grandstaff, Community Manager: Burnout Paradise, N+, Poker Smash, Fallout, Fallout 3

Louis Riley: Patapon, Sins of a Solar Empire, No More Heroes, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Jared Angus, QA Tester: Shards of Dalaya, Sword of Mana

Ryan Salvatore, World Art Intern: TESIV: Oblivion and Bioshock if I can find the time.

Gary Noonan, Character Animator: Grinding away on Final Fantasy X now.

Fred Zeleny, Death – Destroyer of Worlds: Destroying civilizations on every scale, from Sins of a Solar Empire to Dynasty Warriors 6. With some Rock Band, to practice playing instruments while the world burns.

Mike Lipari: Mario Galaxy, Guitar Hero 3, providing an occasional Layton assist for the missus

Nate Purkeypile, Monochromatic Color Palette Aficionado: TF2 and Desert Crisis, a mod I made back in the Half-Life 1 days that people still play surprisingly enough.

Megan Sawyer, Artist: Professor Layton & the Curious Town on DS

Craig Lafferty, Producer: The Club, Lost Odyssey, Shadowgrounds Survivor

Daryl Brigner, Level Designer: Lost: Via Domus, Everquest 2, and Mount & Blade.

Ryan Ashford, QA Engineer: The Witcher, Patched (nerfed) TF2, Phantom Hourglass?

Ashley Cheng, Producer: Lost Odyssey, Scrabulous, watching Gstaff play Fallout 3.

Reader Comments

  1. Oblivion, Morrowind, Daggerfall (not arena… I could never get 20 minutes into the game without being killed).. also Arcanum

  2. Me? Oblivion(PC and 360),
    Morrowind(pc and xbox),
    Mass effect,
    Halo 1 and 2, The sims 2…alot…,
    WWE ’07
    NBA ’06
    and many more…
    So how is Fallout 3 guys 😉

  3. I just bought Crysis and UT3, but I know I’l probably end up playing EQII, Vanguard and WoW.

    Yes… I have too much time this weekend.

  4. Definately with mods. At the very least with Better Bodies and Heads. As excellent as Morrowind is, it is a whole new experience with mods.

  5. Whoops sorry for the double post, for me the following are essential….
    Better Bodies, Queen Metal Boutique, all my own houses and castles,BC Sounds, MW Children, IceRobe Replacer, Abu’s Retreat, Abu’s Manor and Louis Beautyshop.

    Other than that I love White Wolf of Lokken, Ascadian Rose Cottage and The Glory Road.

  6. Sins and STALKER. If I can get Oblivion running again with FCOM and get rid of the Old Bridge crash,then Oblivion too.

  7. @ acheng, here’s my don’t-play-without-it list:


    The Oblivion list needs updating.

    I usually use over a hundred mods for each game – mostly graphic replacers and houses, but a few quests and companions too. My current list includes: White Wolf of Lokken Mountain, Children of Morrowind, Ascadian Rose Cottage, Better Bodies, Better Clothes, Ice’s Robe Replacer, Changing Faces, Solstheim Castle, Clear Glass Armor & Equipment, Constance: Thief Companion, Dark Brotherhood fix, Necessities of Morrowind, Gatanas Markynaz Dremora Companion, Better Caldera, Vivec Expansion, Balmora Expansion, Japanese House, Kirkbride Books, Kobu’s Stamina, Ren’s Oblivion Hair for Morrowind, Souly Soulgems, Mostly-Mini Todd, Morrowind 2006, Ranger Tent, Real Signposts, Scissors and Thimbles, Tavern Ambience, Victorian Experience, and Windows Glow.

  8. Yea am the type who likes to buy only a few games every year then play them over and over. Of course theyre usually rpgs like the Elder Scrolls where it never gets boring or strategy wargames where theres always some different tactic to try depending on how the enemy ai reacts.

    At the moment my play list has yet to change eventhough it will in a month or two when a bunch of expansions come out.


  9. Oops forgot to answer acheng’s question on mods. With MORROWIND am not using any since I have yet to play it through with the Expansions totally modless. So its vanilla MORROWIND.

    OBLIVION I just reinstalled for the 100th time after some unknown mod(s) made my game start to act wonky with alot of npcs not in their proper places among other oddities. For the forseeable future its also going to be a vanilla setup for OBLIVION with the Official Mods and The Shivering Isles Expansion installed. Only mod I’ll be using with these is the just released
    “Female Oblivion Body Replacer Version 1 Alpha” By Robert. Its got some awesome texture work!

  10. [@Princess Stomper – that is an awesome list

    Left by acheng on March 2nd, 2008]

    Verily. It even has the best mod ever..MOSTLY-MINI TODD..TODD TODD TODD….

  11. @ Someguy353 Man, these are awesome games! Thank God for the shitty onboard graphics on laptop. 😉

    Unfortunately, I’m bound to the WoW right now, but pre-paid expires in few days and I’ll be playing Bioshock and GoW, maybe The Witcher (again) with the new patch (80% faster loadings!) too.

  12. Hey, I only complained because I wanted to make sure “Sins of a Solar Empire” made the front page. Really, I swear 🙂 !

    Buy it folks, it’s great!