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  1. Fallout 3 – it is the biggest and hardest game for beteshda in their history. So many fans… So many years…So many expectation…

  2. We’ve had more folks at GDC in previous years, but this year folks were pretty busy with working on Fallout 3.

    I listen to the 1Up Yours podcast every week. During their GDC coverage, Amy Hennig, the Game Director for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune revealed that this was the first time in a few years she was able to attend GDC because of deadlines on Uncharted. That’s just one example, but I’m sure there are other developers that aren’t able to do GDC annually because of busy development schedules.

  3. Great Job,
    FYI, you are sitting on a gold mine with Morrowind!

    Follow the success of half-life 2 (with orange box), you should Re- Release Morrowind for the 360 with updated graphics and voice clips, you’ll make a killing!!!

  4. awsome! absolutly awsome! morrowind and oblivion and shivering ilses are my favorite games of all time. i hope you make another TES game that would be the shit. especialy if you open up the full map of all the games. and if you put all the games together in one huge game. and maybe some new races, items, armor, and weapons etc. aww yea lots to do and lots of fun. i know itll probly never happen but i can wish and dream cant i? lol anyway atleast another expansion pack would be cool. so please, oh pretty please bethesda will you please make my little dreams come to life? oh hell ill make it if u hire me. no joking!! im serious!!

  5. Fallout 3 must retain it’s crossroads attribute. The fun is not in the hype but in the decision making the previous titles offered. I hope Fallout 3 offers many more quests, variations, and possibilities then it’s predecessors. Oh, and it must integrate the karma system modifiers since it mimics real life,as well as more cheats!

  6. Wow, right at the top! That is indeed an honor! I’m not surprised though!

    Oblivion needed guns…? What are they thinking? That would essentially have been “god mode”.

    Good luck with the rest of Fallout 3!

  7. Uhmm no mention of Force Unleashed coming out this year? This game looks awesome.

    Fable 2? Still won’t be that good.

    So glad Fallout 3 is on top(long time over do)

  8. Betheda morrowind had a better game storyline and the game of the year rocked i think the storyline was excellent for the morrowind game of the year edition than oblivion game of the year but oblivons graphic r excellent and has more better things but the storyline waz kinda dissapointing it shoudlve been lyk morrowind preparing and that and lyk tribunal sotha sil and bloodmoon hircine

  9. make a expansion pack for a pblivion with all the maps that they on the map but dont let you visit please do this then oblivion will best game ever again.