Top Xbox Downloads: February 2008


Last month’s increase in people playing Oblivion (while logged onto Live) stayed with us through February. Also, Fighter’s Stronghold and Vile Lair are now available in Europe. (Similar to other smaller DLC, they are still in English but can be played with the FIGS languages).

Top Five Oblivion Xbox Live downloads for February 2008*

1. The Fighter’s Stronghold
2. The Wizard’s Tower
3. Spell Tomes
4. Vile Lair
5. Thieves Den

*ranked by number of times downloaded

Reader Comments

  1. First, let me agree with John that I’d love to see the DLC available for PS3. Secondly, I know a great many people have been bringing this up for a long time on this blog and they mysteriously never seem to get an answer, whereas other questions are answered all the time. Why won’t you just tell us what’s going on? I mean, if it’s just never going to happen, then fine. It’s unfortunate, but it’s no big deal. We (PS3 Oblivion fans) would like to know is all. So yeah… a response would be very much appreciated, though I have to admit that I’m REALLY not expecting one.

  2. Well said Matt. Anyone who plays Oblivion on PS3 would be MORE than willing to shell out their hard earned money on all the remaining DLC if it were made available to us. Just be straight with us. If its not going to happen, just tell us. At least then we can try and move on past the initial disappointment.

  3. The greatness of OBLIVION is never ending! Like the manic stare of a deranged mental patient 😀

    Would be cool to see a few more Expansions covering all the border areas Cyrodiil like Valenwood and Elsweyr.

  4. yeah 100% its got to happen,im sure it will happen as iv read that beth said its still too early for the releases on ps3,and when you add the costs up it comes down to like £18,its unbelievable that ps3 fans have been left to rot in the daedric planes of obliv concerning dlc…????fck knows waz happening

  5. Echoing early sentiments that have been repeated on here a LOT aboud DLC for the PS3. Just tell us that it isn’t happening and we’ll stop nagging (wish that worked for my wife). Otherwise, some nugget about when we can expect it would be nice.

  6. If they say there’s no PS3 DLC coming ever, they destroy sales of Oblivion on that platform. So, since they’ve been saying for over a year that they’re working on it and we’ve yet to see so much as horse armor, let’s all just assume that it’s not coming.

    Of course, I can’t figure out why they don’t want my money…

  7. “If they say there’s no PS3 DLC coming ever, they destroy sales of Oblivion on that platform.”

    Oblivion itself sold VERY, exceptionally well before any DLC was released.

    To think “Fighters Stronghold” or any of the other DLCs would destroy sales is not using sound or rational logic Dennis.

  8. I agree that the lack of DLC will not affect sales, but it could affect reputation some. Bethesda seems to be ignoring a portion of their fanbase, and I for one will probably take more of a “wait and see” approach to their future titles.

  9. Z. Daniel,
    Consider a hypothetical consumer. This consumer is a member of the set of consumers who already own one version Of Oblivion. Let us say, for our hero, it is the 360 version. However, they really would like to play it on the PS3. (Perhaps they don’t have HDMI-out on their xbox, and are not planning to upgrade in the near future.) But, they want to have access to the DLC… Hell, we all do. This might be a dealbreaker for some of these consumers.

    So, suppose that the number of persons already owning a non-PS3 version of Oblivion and interested in the PS3 version anyway is X, that the revenue for Bethesda from the sale of a single copy of Oblivion is Y, and that the fraction of X for whom lack of DLC is a dealbreaker is Z. So, by saying that there will be no PS3 DLC, Bethesda would be passing on X * Y * Z dollars. Even if X is only 5000, Y is only 10 dollars, and Z is only 1/5, Bethesda could be throwing away 10,000 dollars. Because 10,000 is greater than zero, it makes no sense for Bethesda to say “lol, n/m about the PS3 DLC.”

    * By the same token, there are also some PC-gamers who might want Oblivion on their PS3, perhaps to play on their huge TV instead of their modest monitor.

  10. No, there seems to be something else going on about the DLC and it probably has something to do with haggling over percentages with Sony. Given the fact that SI was released through the PS3 store AND as a standalone disk, the mechanism is in place to create and sell the other DLC-but it hasn’t been released. I’d guess the last hangup is Bethesda vs. Sony over the split of our money. And sorry to the Euro-guys. You folks are really getting screwed by not having the SI stuff yet.