Around the Web — Monsoon Edition


As we head out for the really, really rainy weekend, I thought I’d share some news coverage from the week.

This afternoon we received some exciting news that Shivering Isles won RPG of the Year over at Pretty cool for a couple reasons. First, in the site’s ten years of doing annual awards, Shivering Isles is the first expansion to win this category. Even better is the fact that the voting came from readers. We’re truly honored that our fans came out in large numbers to vote, particularly since it was up against some really great games. Many thanks!

Speaking of honors, I just saw on Kotaku that Game Developers Magazine has announced their first ever Top 50 Developers list. If you take a look at their site, you can see we made the list at #26. I thought it would be interesting to check out the survey it’s based on, but it looks like you need about three grand to do so. Whoa! Anyway, it’s great to be on the list, and congrats to the other developers that made the list as well.

To wrap things up, earlier this week, Australian gaming site Gameplayer put up a new feature called “The State of the RPG.” Within the feature, Todd has a few quotes — here’s a sample:

Howard emphasises the importance of getting off to a good start: “You always want the first few hours of the game to be nice to any player, “ he says . “No matter how good they are at games, they haven’t played this particular one yet, so you need to ease whoever it is into it.”Here at least, the RPG has an advantage: it’s fundamentally designed to train you up from nothing, as Howard points out. “It’s often easy in an RPG to keep layering on the complexity with new abilities. It actually makes the game more fun and addictive then if you gave all that stuff out at the beginning.”

Head over to Gameplayer to read the rest.

Reader Comments

  1. An absolutely deserved win for Shivering Isles. If you haven’t played it, treat it as a game in its own right: it’s certainly one of the best I’ve ever played and totally essential if you’ve played Morrowind.

  2. i would play it if bethseda would release it in europe for ps3 its been 5 months since it came out america guys please hurry up im dying to play it

  3. Verily everyone loves the madness free of chains morally confining.The insanity beyond consequence.The buetiful disturbance that is the Shivering Isles like a enzyme sparkle of fluid flowing genius in fortress circular patterns of solitary tides where the brain soup of the Niben Bay of Cyrodiil yells SHEOGORATH!!!

  4. Interesting that Shivering Isles was named RPG of the year…for the same year that The Witcher was released. Perhaps those who voted just hadn’t played The Witcher yet.

  5. I can’t play it, because Bethesda doesn’t want to release it in Europe for PS3 (like they dont want to release the DLC on PS3).

  6. I look forward to playing SI this year – I’ve been playing Oblivion since last year and I guess I’m taking my time with it – I’m just enjoying all the aspects of it thoroughly, with two different types of characters.

    There is so much gameplay with all the expansion packs and user created mods; an infinitely playable RPG.

  7. Still waiting for SI (europe) and hopefully it will be soon, as shivering isles trailer lets us hope. Hopefully you relase even small ammount of those in discs since sony has yet been able to relase psn cards in europe.

  8. @ Lingwei, it’s possible. My computer can’t run Witcher. 🙁
    I wonder how many others are in the same position.
    That said, many people I know actually prefer Shivering Isles to Witcher, so I doubt it would have affected the outcome too much.

  9. 1. Would you be able to release SI on PSN Europe? Because I see there’s already in America. Please, do it…
    2. Can Bethesda send me mails with new information about their games or notices or whatever? It would be nice 🙂

  10. @ Princess,
    But The Witcher won the Gamespot popular vote beating out Mass Effect. Although then the editors went and pulled a joke by giving the editors choice to some random JRPG.

  11. SI is just absolutely, jaw-droppingly gorgeous. It’s the most amazingly good looking game ever released of any kind for any platform, ever, to such an extent that it leaves everything else far behind.

    Looking up into the sky from Sheo’s castle, the purple twilight with the white architecture. Amazing.

    Also, the Lovecraftian aspects of the game are very interesting. This has always been true in Morrowind games. They remind me of the Dreamlands, rather…

  12. I dunno. I love Oblivvy but in SI there were too many damned beasts to put down. I like to roam the land and just chill out on the scenery, which is completely possible in Oblivion. However, in SI I was getting into a fight with some worthless Gnarl or Elytra literally within five seconds of walking ANYWHERE. I would count in my head the moment I started walking and sure enough…annoyance. I kinda fixed it by making a mod that removed a lot of the random spawn points, or lowered the chance of something spawning. But by that point I had already beaten the main quest line and etc.

    Passwall and everything contained within was awesome and tight and relevant, but once into the gates all the wonder and excitement died down quickly in the face of dozens of encounters like gnats buzzing in my face. Even right next to a settlement, there would be some Scalon lurking in the water ten feet from the houses. Ok, I think I made my point 🙂 I felt the world was filled with beasts as a way to make up for something…but it was totally unnecessary.

  13. Thanks for the good news about the european release of SI for PS3 (at least we know it’s still in your minds)…

    Can we finally say Bethesda won’t release any DLC on PS3? Your previous answer to my question about SI release but not mentioning DLC at all makes us think it won’t be released.



  14. Delaric,

    You could have saved your self a lot of time by just changing all of the creatures aggression values to zero.

  15. SI deserved the win! The graphics are amazing! Currently, I cannot played it (although I played it before this happened) because my XBox 360’s (Elite) hard drive went weird. So now I’m relying on the normal 360’s memory card. =(
    For all those waiting for it to come out in Europe…
    Like gstaff mentioned, they will give more details when they can. Right now they don’t have any, so they can’t give you any. You’ll just have to hold your horses until it does come out in a year or so.
    Kudos to Bethesda for making the top 50 developers list and making such great games! Ciao for now!