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Last night on Gamepro’s website, a new interview went up with Fallout 3 Executive Producer Todd Howard. It’s a short interview, but provides some new insight on the game. Here’s a sample:

GamePro: What’s one particular detail of the game that Bethesda is particularly proud of?

Howard: Right now we’ve got a lot of the world built and we’re excited by how fun it is to explore. I admit we were worried about such a grand world that is completely destroyed and it feeling morbidly depressing and empty. We have a ways to go yet, but it’s looking good and there’s a lot of sandbox gameplay to discover.

Head over to GamePro’s site to check out the rest of the interview.

Reader Comments

  1. Wow Flamethrowers and melee acttacks! Yay! I hope we get to eat rats too.

    Ooo radiation poisoning that sounds nasty and extremely painful. Great that mutations will be a negative instead of having people turning into intelligent hulking brutes.

    Screenshots really look fantastic with a world completeness about them. Love the game box cover.

    Starting to feel the buying lust stirring within 🙂

    Thanks for the tasty info which leaves us craving for more!

  2. I’m surprised the Bethbashers aren’t here yet. In any case, loving the new style for FO3. Hopefully it will be both mature and fun, something the original Fallouts did have as an issue. I sometimes felt that there was too little direction in FO1 and FO2, moreso in 1. And this is coming from a fan of daggerfall, the X series of space empire sims, and Morrowind. I live for open ended.

  3. PLEASE! Tell us when the next expansion to Oblivion is coming out? You DO intend to release atleast a few expansion’s, right? The engine is perfect so there is no need for TES V for many years! !PLEASE

  4. Anttifin

    At this time, we have no announced plans for new expansions to Oblivion. If this changes, we’ll announce it so everyone knows.

    Thanks for playing Oblivion.