New Oblivion mod turns heads at the office

Thought I’d share this YouTube video for DUNE, an Oblivion mod project started by Stefano Tonello (aka Prometheus). For those wondering, upon reading about the mod in the project’s official forums, it’s made clear that this DUNE is in no way related to Frank Herbert’s Dune universe — it’s a completely new and unique storyline. Here’s a brief introduction to the world of DUNE:

“The DUNE World, known as Dusaar, is a huge desert world where the brutality of people and nature is an everyday part of life. Water has long since ceased to flow on the surface and can only be found in the last sea, some oases, and tiny lakes and streams are the only source of life for the Ancient Forest, a Tropical Jungle surrounded by Canyons and covered from the everpresent winds of the open Desert, protecting this small Last Paradise.

The desert covers the majority of the land, almost 90% of it is surrounded by the Great Wall Cliffs of the east and the Sea of Silt to the west. Some of the mountains are nearly impassable, but ancient canyons throughout them hide the last spots where life can still continue….There are many diverse cultures living in the few safe places on this world.”

From what I’ve seen, it looks mighty impressive. Having shared this video with a few folks at the office, the response has been a resounding “WOW!” For more information on Dune, and to learn how you can work on the project, check out the forums Prometheus put up for the project.

Reader Comments

  1. What a fantastic mod…. Would anyone at bethesda like to hire him for new installment of game for Bethseda? I wouldn’t wait around. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good on him

  2. Actually I think it looks great, there is still not much to the world. im more interested in the detail work of some thing he has created. The blade staff, looks good and it flows with the movements of his char, and his creatures look good to. I hope he is able to make something big out of it. good luck

  3. Hello , Im glad you liked it ….

    The mod started as the purpouse of beeing a huge modding resource base to allow new modders to come and develope new mods on a different setting , I provided the base and the project was to be a sort of open source work where people could come and take advantage of the already made work of a new world , new sky , new ambience , new creatures , new culture and new lore that still fits and leaves untouched the main storyline…

    Its not a dead project neither is an uncomplete one since it was developed with the idea of beeing the biggest and first world resource for future modders infact the principle is that new modders come and add their own mods in this world instead of classical Tamriel , giving this new world a life piece by piece …. there are guidelines to follow in the forums that will help people to understand what’s the idea about ….
    preparing the world was my goal , from there new modders can now develope new ideas…..

    I always disliked attitude by some big mods made for Oblivion of closed teams and big previews but no releases and keeping “secret resources ” for their mod only ….. now everyone can come and use the mod resources , but in exchange has to leave a small contribution to the mod itself ….
    This was done hoping in a more open and friendly modding community where things that are discovered and “made stuff” can help others to make their mods look good as well and so improve all the modding community …..

    I hope you will enjoy the World mod Resource of Dune …. ๐Ÿ™‚



  4. Awesome mod… I bought Oblivion on PS3 and absolutely love it. Bethesda, PLEASE support mods on your next console game! I find UT3 to be absolutely brilliant for that inclusion.

  5. This is outstanding work, and no mistake! If any resources are needed to finish it, MERP is glad to lend models and textures, or whatever else you may need. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. So when can I Order
    (The World of Dusaar)?
    I’ve played all of the other four and I’ve really been waiting to see what I feel is a new chapter to open and learn even more of Bethesda Softworks…..

  7. WOW. I have the PS3 version of Oblivion so this is a bit of a smack in the face for me, I have to say though that is incredible! If my PC could run this game I’d buy another copy for this mod alone. A pity these mods can’t be used on the console versions.

    Well done on it amigo ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. WOW that was awesome
    I bought Oblivion GOTY for Playstation 3. PLEASE put this mod and all future mods onto PS3 it looks so awesome and I would love to play it!

  9. Personally I think that they need to build a construction set for all the consoles. That way people who don’t own a pc aren’t left out. Time to finish building my super computer that way I can get back to modding…

  10. Do you guys hate ps3? I looove your games but sadly everything is for pc. ๐Ÿ™ I am completely in love with everything oblivion related including this…so will anything like this be comming out for ps3? or did I only get a sip from the enormous oblivion pool?

  11. WOW a fantastic mod , but where is the download instal file ? I need it !!!
    Please Prometheus help me !
    Im a rpg fan , i have the elder scrolls iv oblivion and the shivering isles complet full original version.

  12. I have tried the mod, there’s an open city but witout any interiors (doors inactive), no NPCa except at the stargate (one or two), the different sites apart from the stargate and the open/empty city are all empty. A nice and spectacular desert though, but that’s about it. On the other hand, after installing the mod, the argonian race had its voices removed (no argonian can be heard anymore, you must turn on voice text), and the body textures of imperials/bretons have been replaced by bruised skin textures. Conclusion: in total opposition to what its description says (that it adds a new world space and thus nothing is changed in the original Tamriel), not only you don’t get what’s in the video apart from a huge desert, but also it f**ks up with races.

  13. Bethesda is being stupid by not having console mods, i would expect a 15% to 40% increase in profits by upping the replay value to unlimited and getting players to like the series and buy the new games and DLC. I dare say that it would make it like LBP, where everything can and is being done. Or maybe just a hunch, they dont wanna because people will learn code and make and sell their own games, thus lowering profits from new competition