Name That Sound!

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Can you guess the following:

  1. What game is the line from?
  2. What is the name of the character who speaks this line of dialogue?

Bonus: 1,000,000 extra points if you can tell us who the designer is doing the performance?

Reply in comments with your answer.


Reader Comments

  1. The line’s from Oblivion, and the character’s the Orc Gogron gro-Bolmog in the DB sanctuary.

    *Note to self – get out into the real world more often!*

  2. It’s Gogron at the dark brotherhood sanctuary when he tells you it’s better to go up to your targets and speak to them before you kill them. Who wants a five year old nord girl dead?

    P.s. love the Dark Brotherhood.

  3. Gogron the Orc from the Dark Brotherhood, Oblivion iteration of Elders Scrolls …
    Just hoping there will be more voice actors in Fallout III than in Oblivion, NPC voices are important.

    Fallouts Fan

  4. It’s Gogron telling a story to another one of your brothers or sisters in the Dark Brotherhood about talking to your mark before you kill them. (A 5 year old asks if he is there for her party and He says no He is the Messanger of Death) He thinks it’s more exciting to see the look on their face before their death.

    -That one creeped me out-

  5. The line is from the game OBLIVION.
    Its the ork in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary talking about one of his missions.

    Dont remember his name and I dont know the designer who did it eventhough that sure aint the original ork voice 😀

  6. Gogron gro-Bolmog, from the dark brotherhood sanctuary. I believe that he is talking about a kill that he made at the victim’s birthday party.

  7. I’m tempted to say Wolfric “sound guy” Tugmutton (sorry for giving the forum name) as the dev performer, for some reason or other. I’d be unsurprised to find that I’m way off, and it’s actually Todd or someone. 😛

  8. Gogron gro-Bolmog from Oblivion. No idea who’s saying it, though. I’m not really good in recognizing developer’s voices 😛