And the answer is…


Here’s the answers this week’s Name That Sound

1. What game is the line from?
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

2. What is the name of the character who speaks this line of dialogue?
Gogron gro-Bolmog, a male Orc who is a member of the Dark Brotherhood. Jonathon Bryce is the voice actor who performs the Orc male voice.

Bonus: The scratch voice is being done by Emil Pagliarulo, the designer responsible for the Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion.

Looks like this one might have been a little easy. Props to frappezlesinge for answering all three questions correctly.

Reader Comments

  1. Ah fame at last! *prepares acceptance speech for award ceremony* There will be some sort of award ceremony, right? 😉

  2. Hello, if please the guy that check this blog, can do anything with the problem of the dlc of The Fighter’s Stronghold in Xbox 360 please, there are too many people including me on the forums of Gamespot with the problem that the file is not longer available or microsoft have a lot of problems on the server please help us..

  3. Geez….

    Poor frappezlesinge….Got up to give his award acceptance speech and was jumped by several sneaky looking types wielding daggers…

    Will the Number 2 person please step up….

    No telling what awaits the losers in this competition…..


  4. *cough, splutter, bleed*

    Dread to think what’d have happened if I’d asked for a party in celebration!Tasting the food could have been interesting – I hear the poisoned apple pie washed down with a chilled glass of chokeberry juice is a speciality of the house….

  5. though i agree with most of the gaming worlds journalists. oblivion is a top quality game & most value for money title on all formats. i am starting to get annoyed with it. i have spent some time getting my chartacter up to a respectable level 30. now i face manimarco (the worm king) & my sword goes right through him, i cant kill him. i’ve even enlisted the help of the local bruma guard, but to no avail. he is indestructable. all hail to the master, the immortal 1. i surrender

  6. Oh and Atrox, the issues with Fighter’s Stronghold appear to be fixed. If you haven’t gone ahead and downloaded it yet, you should be able to do so now.