Mascots on parade!

In what’s probably become world news by now, today at London’s Millennium Bridge, the folks behind the Guinness Book of World Records Gamer’s Edition organized an event to set the world record for the “Largest Gathering of Games Characters.” From the video, you’ll see they had a pretty good turnout.

So the big question is: where’s Vault Boy?? Apparently he was contacted about an appearance, but was busy spending the morning resting after attempting to set a different kind of Guinness record on St. Patrick’s Day.

Reader Comments

  1. What!? No Morrowind Ordinator? And I thought they were real freaks! Blimey mainstreamers going for the guiness 🙁

  2. You know, you could just get a huge lawfirm to come outside and claim they are all dressed as the G-Man. The bald ones as Agent 74.

  3. i know its off topic but dos the american psn download of shivering isles work with the european oblivion ps3 disc or did i wast my money

  4. Thats an interesting question. I always thought he was German or British because of his hard working industrial roots.

  5. hey gstaff since i lost my money on shivering isles thinking it would work any chance of a freebie please il be your best friend i swear no ah well cant blame me for trying