Shivering Isles install walkthrough

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Since releasing The Shivering Isles as a standalone disc for Xbox 360, I’ve received a number of emails from fans experiencing problems getting the content to load within Oblivion. As a result, we decided to put together a short video that covers the main steps necessary to update your Xbox, install the expansion, and ultimately use the content within the game.

I hope this video helps. Please… don’t…mock…my…robot…voice — it’s a compilation of different takes in a rather steamy recording booth. I’m just lucky I had the help of sound engineer Mark Lampert and Steve Green, our video guy. If it weren’t for them I’d end up as a winner on America’s Funniest Home Videos simply for embarrassingly bad voice-over outtakes.

If you check out this video and it doesn’t fix your Shivering Isles woes, there are a few things I can suggest. You can check out troubleshooting tips here on the blog, within the forums, and on our tech support page. If you still need help you can also contact us.

Reader Comments

  1. “Please… don’t…mock…my…robot…voice”

    ah heck, why hold it in ……bwahahahahahaha!!!

    Nah, seriously it was very good, really. Except for the thick american accent, try an english one next time.

    You have a good recording voice.

  2. Great instructional vid and such a cold sexy voice. Mu har! har! har!

    It would be great to see tutorial videos like this on modding.

  3. Any idea whether Shivering Isles standalone disc for Xbox 360 would be released in Asia? In particular Singapore in Southeast Asia? I’ve been waiting for SI since the GOTY edition is not available here and the Microsoft Points required for it on LIVE seems rather expensive.

  4. Shivering Isles is great and all, but there are still SO MANY BUGS left in Oblivion, whether you have Shivering Isles and/or Knights of the Nine or not. Some of them really hurt the gameplay, like the “Fathis Ules bug”. There is an unofficial patch for the PC version, but Xbox users are left out of the loop. Help! Don’t just abandon bugfixing in Oblivion!

  5. Been and done everything in your walkthrough video but it still isn’t working, when I install shivering isles it doesn’t come up with the version 1.2.1 and the quest never apears and it is quite fustrating, all my hardware is PAL and my disc and console are in perfect order so what do I do now to get it to work, I have been to many forums and many help pages on this subject but NOTHING works
    Please help a.s.a.p

  6. I’m having the same trouble as Aaron…i had the original oblivion and i brought the Shivering Isles update afterwards but when i install it the quest never starts…i tried finding the prophet but was unsuccessful…after watching this video i looked in the video setting and did not find the 1.2.1 that is supposed to be in the corner…i followed all instructions from the video … when i started up oblivion it showed the “loading extra content” but it only came for a short few seconds…the only other difference between what i done and in what happened in the video is when i inserted Shivering Isles i did not need to update my xbox. Could i have recieved the update already from another game or is there just a problem with my copy of Shivering Isles???

    • If you’re not getting the update, I would suggest contacting our technical support. Let them know the following: whether you’re connected to Xbox LIVE or not, what version of the game did you purchase (GOTY, regular edition, etc), as well as what country you’re in (PAL vs. NTSC).

  7. I got the game of the year eddition and everything fine but I got all the other install off xbox live marketplace but they are not working

  8. I have the stand alone disc and I did what the video said and I don’t see the 1.2.1 in the video screen either and I don’t have xbox live what can I do

    • @Bee — I would suggest contacting technical support. You should be able to find information on the back page of the game manual. Good luck. Also, as the video indicated, make sure you’re using discs that are compatible with each other and the system you’re using (No PAL games on NTSC, and vice versa).

  9. I bought my standalone disc on the internet so im am not sure if it is compatible with my xbox or oblivion game is there something i can check to make sure it will work?