Todd Howard on OXM Podcast


Todd Howard is featured in this week’s OXM Podcast. In the podcast, Todd chats with our friends, Ryan McCaffery – he wrote the review of Oblivion for OXM – and Dan Amrich – he wrote the awesome Fallout 3 cover story in the latest OXM. Fun podcast to listen to – if you want to cut to the chase, skip to 35:00 minutes in.

Lots of great new details about the game so don’t miss this.

Reader Comments

  1. 200 endings! Wowzers! This is gonna be better then TES 2 DAGGERFALL!

    [man, I wish I would have had this podcast while sitting in an arena for 12 hours watching basketball.

    Left by gstaff on March 22nd, 2008]

    Har! Har! Har! Those silly Basketball Players they just dont know when to stop. Heres hoping the next game is 24 hours long and when its game over they all point to gstaff and yell WE DID IT FOR YOU! 😀

    Thanks to all involved for the Podcast. Like Princess Stomper said pretty interesting stuff.