Todd discusses PlayStation 3 development


Today I received the April 2008 issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine and noticed that Todd wrote up this month’s POV (that’s Point of View) about developing games for the PS3. If you’re a PS3 owner, you might find what he has to say encouraging. Within the column, he discusses some of the advantages of the PS3 hardware, as well as how new tools have improved the development process for Fallout 3. Here’s a snippet:

“you can use the Blu-ray’s massive storage capacity to place multiple instances of your game’s assets on the disk. Having multiple copies on the disc greatly reduces seek times off the drive, and your load times shrink even more. Small things like this can make a huge difference over the course of a game. That kind of learning has helped us move from Oblivion to Fallout 3.”

To find out more on Todd’s thoughts about developing games on PS3, be on the lookout for the April issue.

Reader Comments

  1. The boxt art surely is cool, and imo Ps3 boxart fits the best because the playstation3 reads on the left and black color suits the boxart really well.

  2. I will add a new PS3 advantatge!

    You can use the hard drive that comes with EVERY PS3, so you can release Download Content and sell a lot (more than in XBOX360, where the hard drive doesn’t come included in all consoles).

    So, what are you waiting to release Oblivion DLC on PS3?

    PS. Yeah, I’m back with the same question until I get an answer 😛

    PS2. Looking forward to Fallout 3… but first I am looking forward to recovering the faith I had on Bethesda (something they have lost ignoring us: their customers).

  3. Oblivion DLC on the PS3?..

    I think we can forget about it, Bethesda has been saying “we’re looking into it” for over a year now and we still have nothing. It sucks for sure for the PS3 owner – guess they want us to buy the PC/360 versions. Either way I’m done with Oblivion (finished everything and I’m bored)

  4. I don’t know, I recall macsoft saying no to the mac port of the Throne of Bhaal expansion set for BGII. They said it had been to long and the opportunity had past.
    Little less then a year after they told me they weren’t going to do it. They released the throne of bhaal expansion for mac computers.
    So you never know with gaming companies, But if it was a flat NO. I’m sure they’d just say so.

    PS3 has downloadable content for other games so obviously it work for oblivion. Hell they used to have Shivering Isles as downloadable content until Game of the Year edition was released. So obviously its not really a technical issue.

    As I understand it they have some disagreement with sony about how to distribute it.