New Fallout 3 preview in latest issue of EGM


Yesterday in the mail, we received the most recent issue of EGM, which features a two-page preview of Fallout 3. The preview shares a few new screenshots — including new shots of a Brahmin, a Super Mutant, and Dogmeat. Here’s a sample of the preview:

“But your radio serves another purpose. In the wake of the apocalypse, several poor souls set up emergency radio beacons in the (futile) hope that someone might find them and save them. While many operators have long since expired, their signals — and their loot stashes — persist.”

If you’re a subscriber, your issue should be arriving any time. If you’re not subscribed, keep an eye out for the May issue on a newsstand near you.

Reader Comments

  1. The new pics are great! I love the pics with Dogmeat,
    they’re very “Mad Max”. Todd talks about just wandering around with Dogmeat and listening to Galaxy News Radio, and that really gets me excited about the game. That is the kind of stuff that is so appealing about the open ended games that Bethesda makes. Just being pulled in by the sounds and atmosphere.