Top Oblivion Xbox Live Downloads: March 2008


Last week marked the two year anniversary of Oblivion Downloadable Content on Xbox Live. Also of note, we’ve released all our DLC to various markets in Asia including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Anybody tried out the new Call of Duty 4 map pack? I’m looking forward to the Chinatown map myself.

Top Five Oblivion Xbox Live downloads for March 2008*

1. The Fighter’s Stronghold
2. The Wizard’s Tower
3. Spell Tomes
4. Vile Lair
5. Mehrune Razor

*ranked by number of times downloaded

Reader Comments

  1. Okay, seriously, this is getting to be f’en ridiculous. If you’re not going to give us PS3 DLC, at least shut the hell up about how many Xbox jerks are enjoying which ones.

  2. I would also pay more than what they normally cost. If they can’t release them on the network I’d pay 30-60 bucks for just a disc with all of them on it that I could install onto my game save.

  3. LOL I feel your guys’ pain but isn’t it boring complaining about the same thing every time they post the downloads list? 😀 Why don’t you just go out and get the PC version too. Then not only can you use these downloads, but you can also explore the thousands of other well-made mods out there. You’ll be so busy playing/looking for fun mods you won’t know what to do with yourselves. 😛

  4. I downloaded the maps. I really like Creek and Broadcast. Don’t like Chinatown too much. Can’t wait for the maps to get cycled into the regular play lists as playing the 3 new ones back to back to back gets boring pretty fast.

  5. Gankaku,

    What makes you think I don’t have the PC version? I just want to play on the big TV in the living room from the couch, instead of the medium monitor in the computer room from a chair. I have 3 or 4 active characters at any given time, anyway… I’d like the ones who live on the PS3 to have a slightly bigger world.

  6. I have the new Call of Duty 4 maps and China Town is great, while personally I am a sniper so the new map Creek is more up my allie.

    Hey btw anyone else play Hardcore Search and Destroy? I love HSAD.

  7. Wow, what a surprise… They’re ignoring questions about DLC from PS3 fans AGAIN! It just gets funnier and funnier every time the wonderful people at Bethesda read questions from the fans who are providing them with their livelihood and decide that they have better things to do than bother with an answer. Seriously, is a simple. quick answer really too much to ask?

  8. *snigger* You a fan of reading Viz’s Top Tips Princess Stomper?

    Or better yet Dennis, try glueing binoculars to your face whilst playing for that real up close and personal feel!

  9. You PS3 people would pay extra to get it now? Shoot, I will pay even more than that to get you all to stop harassing them. As been said, the main problem is most likely Sony, NOT them. Do you think they would really NOT give the PS3 downloadable content? I mean, shoot, they included KOTN with the vanilla Oblivion game for it. Sheesh.

  10. If Sony is the problem then all they have to do is say so. Like: “Due to (this and that) issue with Sony and/or the policies for PSN we are unable to provide DLC for the PS3 version.”

    That way everyone would at least KNOW to stop hoping for DLC for the PS3. As long as they make no clear statement one way or the other Beth is the cause of the harassment themselves. They can end it with one simple statement.

  11. my computer can’t play Oblivion. i don’t want to spend a $1000 + just to get a PC to play a game i already have on PS3. but i will make you a deal you give me a PC capable of play Oblivion at the same level of quality as the PS3 and i’ll stop posting comments about the lack of DLC for PS3 version.

  12. If the problem is on Sony’s end then that needs to be made more clear. At this point no one can say for sure why its not happening, its all speculation.

    But I’m willing to bet both sides can probably be doing more than they are right now in order to get the remaining DLC to PS3 users.

  13. [quote] It just gets funnier and funnier…….[/quote]

    No……it gets more and more annoying! To have to read through incessant whining about ‘whatever’ not being released on the PS3. Posts completely unrelated to the article! In fact I am no longer reading the Blog because I have to scroll through these rediculous complaints every single day. If I seem lacking in tolerance it is because I am now, after putting up with months of this….whining on the blog is not going to get you what you want. For the love of god….I am sorry that you do not have ‘whatever’ on PS3…really, my heart bleeds for you. But please stop whining here! You are just ruining it for everyone else. Take it up directly with the company.

  14. Heres a solution Shezrie. Don’t contribute to it. Not everyone is “whining” as you put it. Some of us are simply stating that we would like to have the chance to PURCHASE the remaining content that everyone else in the world seems to have.

  15. Well please just take it directly to the company. Look in every thread here and there is minimum one complaint about the PS3. If this complaining and ‘pushing the issue’ strategy was going to work, it would have by now.
    Just simply stating that I, like everyone else, would like to be able to read up on the goings on without the constant complaints or ‘statements’ regarding PS3.

  16. Shezrie,

    I’m tired of people complaining about all the moaning and groaning over the lack of PS3 DLC for Oblivion. Look in every thread here and there is a minimum one complaint about PS3 DLC complaints. If this complaining and ‘pushing the issue’ strategy was going to work, it would have by now. Just simply stating that I, like everyone else, would like the chance to say my piece to Bethesda without the constant complaints or ‘statements’ regarding my constant complaints or ‘statements’.

  17. Actually this is the first time I have mentioned it and whilst there have been subtle references to it by the many other people tired of it, clearly those doing it have absolutley no concern or regard for others.
    I will leave ya to it. You will not listen to myself or the others who have told you that it is a completely futile venture.

  18. I will add my post again: what about that content on PS3?

    If I dont get an answer, dont even consider I will buy any more games from you (note I didn’t say I want the content, I just ask for an answer after so much time)(also note I haven’t said I wont be playing future releases).

  19. Sorry, but we´ve heared that one before. It has been a year now, so how about a statement finally?

    Sadly, I am also one of those who´ll keep “moaning and groaning” about the lack of DLC content on PS3 until I´ll get a straight “yes” or “no”!

  20. Bethesda looses money on PC (thousands of people pirates the game) and 360 version takes forever to load.PS3 version was perfect, but they still don’t want to fix any bugs or release more content. I played the game on the 360 and I got so burned out with the loading time that I moved to PS3, and now I am stuck as vampire for ever becuase the witch wont take my bloodgrass. You already did the biggest part of the game, so why not go all the way. please don’t always have the PS3 fan have the short end of the stick.

  21. LOL Dragon heart, the Vile Lair is most needed

    #1, Evil guys are popular

    #2. Vampirism bug for GOTY, prevent witch from taking grass, Vile Lair has the font.

    im getting it for the vampirism, I LOVE IT!

  22. bethesda i think yall should add some legendary weapons like the icebale of the monarch and chrysmere and hopesfire in oblivion as an update and call it something like legendary artifacts and make it where you travel to a similar morrowind for a couple of quest for these artifacts that would really sell

  23. I did the Dark Brotherhood and I made it to the Listener of the Black Hand know all I can do is talk to the Night Mother ounce a week and get a person to follow me know more doing contracts thats boring with the vile lair I could pray to sithis get my minion to kill people and knot have to worship the nine divines to get blessings.

  24. YEA I agree with Dragonheart, I lost my attributes to that skooma and I lost my stuff, Sithis can give me my stuf oh and the Cofffin is gorgeous!

  25. Man that is stupid that they give pc and xbox360 these downloads when ps3 is just as good I mean I have beaten the main quest line, Knights of the nine, and the shivering isles I have done all of the guilds and many side quests all I wan’t is the thieves den, vile lair, wizards lair, and battlehorn castle and like that other guy said up there I would pay more for them to and I heard that you can get a spell from sithis if you got 100 infamy that lets you turn invisible for over 100 seconds.

  26. I KNOW!!!!! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE, just tell us if we get DLC or not dont keep wasting our time. PLEASE BETHESDA, how were you able to bring a big expansion to the PSN and small ones you cant? whats the big deal? HUH? HUH? HUH!!!!!!??

  27. My gosh, PS3 owners! Why don’t you try playing a different game rather than pestering the developers!? These are merely paid candy, you’ve already got the game and the super extras. Xbox owners don’t get Metal Gear Solid 4, but do you see us complaining on blogs? Calm down.

    I have the Call of Duty 4 GOTY Edition – Chinatown isn’t really groundbreaking, unfortunately, it’s just another map. The others are pretty interesting (haven’t tried them all but Creek is good fun).

    Pity I missed the anniversary 😀


  29. Man William Erasmus the ps3 owns your just mad because graphics on ps3 owns xbox360. And so why don’t you go to another website if you don’t like to hear us so call complain. We just wan’t to know why they bailed on the ps3. We got everything and more than the xbox360.

  30. I am another PS3 owner and user of GOTY edition .. please please can we have downloadable content or content on a disc we can purchase.

    It’s a real shame that we cannot get content or patches .. especially for the Vampire Glitch! All we seem to get is the brush off.

    Why not a GOTY edition 2 incorporating all the content and patches to date .. you have had an immense time to consider the options. It would by pass the downloadable content issues.

  31. ok first off love this dam game second they should most deff remake morrowwind with the new engine storyline to good not to second put another disc out with rest of adds not included on gty edition like vile lair horse armor etc…etc..i would lgladly pay 30+ for it if you say 50 well shame on you.

  32. Is Bethesda planning to put DLC like Vile Lair on PSN for PS3 fans?
    If not, just tell us that you will not give DLC on ps3, and please tell us why you wouldn’t do this.

    PS : PS3 Oblivion fans have waited long enought.

  33. Ok Bethesda tell me HOW IN THE WORLD U MADE AN EXPANSION LIKE THE SHIVERING ISLES available to PSN and small ones like Vile Lair and other cant make it?