Ready to Rumble: Devs prepare for the BGS Community


It’s been about six months since the Orange Box was released, but our Team Fortress 2 experts still can’t get enough. Over the last few months, they’ve put their skills on the line against some pretty heavy hitters — including Bioware (win), EA Mythic (win), Ubisoft (loss), and the Shacknews community (loss). But tonight, they’ll take one of their greatest opponents yet: a dozen members from our very own BGS forums.

It should be interesting to see how it goes. Will it be a cordial matchup with an attitude similar to our Meet the Devs thread? Will things get ugly? We’ll find out when they meet at 7PM. If you’re not participating in the event, it sounds like there will likely be YouTube footage in the near future, and there’s sure to be some post game chat here in the forums.

Good luck to both sides!

Reader Comments

  1. Hey guys, that was a great match last night, although a lot of us were playing terribly. I think you’ve hexed us somehow….

    Ah well, never mind! Are we having another game?

  2. Bleh, Wolf was right, we needed more communication. If we would have ran in all at once we could have won.

    Well played Beth, a revenge match is in order, on 2Fort for maximum spying on my part!