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Yesterday there was quite a bit of new Fallout 3 coverage, but previews are still popping up in a few places. At GameTap, Thierry Nguyen shares the “Seven things you need to know about this post-nuclear wasteland.” Here’s a snippet:

“Watch out, for there are creatures like radscorpions and deathclaws about. Beyond those, there are quite a few supermutants–slobbering freaks that wander around and kill people for the heck of it. There’s also the supermutant behemoth, a gargantuan mutant that runs around swinging a lamp post as a club. Ghouls also make a return from previous games, but now there are three different types: ones that can still think and talk (like Harold from previous titles), feral ghouls that simply act on an instinct to kill or eat you, and “glowing ones.” The last type is heavily irradiated to the point that their presence can make you sick and heal any other ghoul nearby.”

UGO has put up their preview based on a demo Pete showed. Here’s an excerpt:

“Bethesda paid attention to some of the complaints about character creation in Oblivion, as people were bothered by how difficult it was to make a “good-looking” person. Here they’ve added presets which you can then modify slightly (similar to what Mass Effect did), or you can make a really ugly dude or chick from scratch, if you so desire.”

Alex Navarro has a new preview at Cripsy Gamer. Take a look:

“Combat looked pretty intense from what we saw. The scene in the building with the ghouls featured plenty of gory, brutal battles, though even more were on display in the sequence set in downtown D.C. Here, we encountered super-mutants: gigantic, hulking creatures with massive armor and heavy weaponry. These dudes don’t mess around.”

The gang at Worth Playing have put up their latest preview for the game as well. You can head here to check it out. Here’s a sample to get you started:

Fallout 3, at this point, is still an alpha build. It’s a well-polished alpha build, with some pretty hilarious placeholder dialogue (like one of the male developers doing a bad falsetto for the voice of your character’s mother), but an alpha build nonetheless. As such, everything you can say about it comes with the caveat that it could yet change.”

In other news, in an episode of X-Play that aired earlier this week, where they ranked Fallout 3 as the #1 open-world game they’re looking forward to.

At Kotaku, they’ve announced the winner of their Egg Contest. Pretty sweet! As soon as I get Jon C’s address, we’ll be shipping out this Vault Boy shirt signed by the team.

Moving over to print, if you’re in Croatia, be on the lookout for a PC Play’s new cover story for Fallout 3 that features an interview with Lead Producer Gavin Carter.

Finally, in Oblivion news, the April issue of PC Gamer UK features a one page article the Oblivion mod, The Dark Brotherhood: Awakening. Check it out on page 99. For more information on the mod, head over to our forums.

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