What if…?


In the latest issue of Game Informer (May 2008), there’s a feature called “What If” that discusses how developers would tackle projects from other studios. In the feature, Todd shares how he would make the next Final Fantasy game. Here’s an excerpt:

“As soon as the opening credits roll and Uematsu’s score comes on, you’re in control. Everything looks like a movie, but in real-time. Watch Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and pretend you’re playing the whole thing.”

Don’t get too excited — it’s purely hypothetical and all in good fun. In addition to talking Final Fantasy, Todd sounds off on a dream project of his. To find out more, check out the May issue. Where does he get those wonderful ideas? 🙂

Reader Comments

  1. I didn’t know you posted on here Brother None, besides I didn’t imagine you as the type to take up for Final fantasy.

    I would like to read what the actuall article says, because I would hope that FF7 never uses level scailing. XD

    As for Todd, he should know that Final fantasy 13: verses is, what Nomura described, “An interactive version of advent children” .