New updates at Videogaming247


This week, Pete’s been pretty busy touring Europe to demo Fallout 3. Videogaming247 seems to be all over the coverage, having updated their site fives time already. In their coverage, Pete discusses Dogmeat, the possibility of downloadable content, PC requirements, the game’s framerate, and how the 360 became the lead platform. Here’s a sample of Pete’s discussion about the 360:

“We had a year’s head start on the 360 because it came out a year earlier, so we had final dev hardware to work with earlier on than we did with PS3,” he said. “But as this point all three of them are pretty much on par. The goal is that, if I get three versions in here and hide the console or PC and just had them running on the screen, that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.”

Is this the end of the site’s coverage, or will there be more? Head over here to keep track.

Reader Comments

  1. It shouldn’t be any surprise that the XBox 360 is the lead platform. That’s what is was for Oblivion, that’s what it is for Fallout 3 and it seems that’s what it’s going to be from now on.

    A shame, a real shame.

  2. Well, I just read about the VATS system and it sounds pretty cool. If Bethesda provides the tools to create mods for it where I can create swords, shields and armor, I might just be tempted to pull roots from Oblivion and transplant them into Fallout. But that is a couple of big IFs. Would take a lot to kick me out of Oblivion modding as I find that gaming platform VERY fun for the weapon/armorsmith in me.