What we’re playing: Already relaxing edition


As many of you can relate, it’s not always easy getting through a Friday. With nice weather and the weekend in sight, it’s easy sometimes to lose focus. This wasn’t the case for me today. In what hopefully will become a new tradition at Bethesda HQ, today marks the second consecutive Friday where we’ve had masseuses visit the office.

Now that we’re all relaxed, it’s time to sit back and play some games. Let us know what you’ll be playing, and have a great weekend!

Fred Zeleny, Writing Fool: Rondo of Swords on DS – far harder and more complicated than it has any need to be, and yet it’s strangely compelling. And since I’ll be at CMU’s Spring Carnival, I’ll also be playing dozens of cheapo booth games, eating far too much funnel cake, and riding the highly suspect whirl-a-puke! Hooray for Spring!

Orin Tresnjak, Graphics Programmer: Warhawk, Fallout 3, Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground

Aaron Mitschelen, QA: Arcana Heart, LotRO, Lost Odyssey, maybe Army of Two.

Michael Wagner, Marketing: PGR 4 (vroom, vrooom)

Megan Sawyer, Artist: Fallout 3, and hopefully a little Rockband with friends. 😀

Gary Noonan, Character Animator: Lost Odyssey

Nate Ellis, QA: Portal bonus levels, HL2 (Finally!), Okami Wii, and WoW.

Ryan Salvatore, Terrain Configuration Intern: LOTRO, Bioshock (about ¼ of the way through…)

Tim Lamb, Producer: RL Golf, COD4, Tiger ‘08

Nate Purkeypile, World Artist: TF2, Quake Wars, The Club and Army of Two.

Chris Esko, Systems Programmer: Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Williams Pinball Classics, TF2, Rock Band

Craig Lafferty, Producer: Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas – because there is some GTA game coming out this year I think.

Mike McGinn, QA: Nightmare of Druaga, Journey to Silius, Panzer Dragoon Zwei and GODHAND GODHAND GODHAND.

Dane Olds, Artist: Burnout Paradise, DOOM, Ikaruga, FFVII: Crisis Core

Ashley Cheng, Lunch Order Faxer: Call of Duty 4 (new maps rule), scouring stores hoping someone sells me GTA IV early

Phil “Superfly” Nelson, Top Rope Superstar: Rockband, EQ2, Darkness(if I have time)

Pete Hines: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, Tiger Woods ’08 PSP, looking forward to being home and getting to play non-DS/PSP games again.

Jared Angus, QA Tester: Shards of Dalaya, Smash Bros Brawl, Zelda: the Minish Cap, and Zelda: Twilight Princess

Mike Lattanzia, QA: Hellgate: London (need to hit 50 before Patch 1.3), maybe some Rock Band this weekend, Viva Pinata (started playing again after I picked up a 360 elite to replace my red ringed regular 360), and maybe Crisis Core if I give in and pick it up.

Kurt Kuhlmann, Designer: Mass Effect, Call of Duty 4, Company of Heroes (still)

Jeff Sheiman, Graphics Programmer: Final Fantasy XI ( Sad, but true .. I resurrected my old account. Say goodbye to my life )

Matt Grandstaff, Community Manager: Ninja Gaiden DS

Dan “Upperweight” Geske, QA: Severna Park Open Wrestling Tournament.

Reader Comments

  1. Hmm… The godfather, Condemnd 2( bit of a boring game… good thing I’m renting it instead of buying it though…)
    SarugetchuP(ape-escape portable) Almost beat the game…
    The sims 2.
    what I’m listening to is (alot of)J-pop…
    Also CS:Source a whole lot!

  2. [Mike Lattanzia, QA: Hellgate: London (need to hit 50 before Patch 1.3)]

    I havent even hit level 25 since getting the game last november 😀 Might be due to all the restarts when patch time came.

    What am playing:

    OBLIVION with just BTmod v220 and The Unofficial Patches and all the Bethesda mod and expansion goodies.

    On Dosbox:


  3. Going to be playing WoW with friends (they’ve asked me to join them on a PvP server – I’m trying to catch up to them!), and Oblivion.

  4. I would love to get Daggerfall as a downloadable game from Bethesda. Of even have them release it on the PSP or something. Maybe they will release it for the 15th Anniversary.

    This weekend is game free for me. It’s Fiesta time in SA so I’m doing that, and working.

  5. Masseuses at work? Possibly on a regular basis? Dang, my interest in joining the gaming biz just went up a notch. 😉

    I am currently playing Blender, Paint Shop Pro, NifSkope and the Oblivion Construction Set with the occasional 20 to 30 second visit inside Oblivion itself. 😀

  6. [I would love to get Daggerfall as a downloadable game from Bethesda. Of even have them release it on the PSP or something. Maybe they will release it for the 15th Anniversary.

    Left by Dathmar on April 20th, 2008]

    Will never happen from what I have read. It wouldnt be profitable and most of the code if not all was lost when they moved their offices in the 1990s. Also alot of DAGGERFALL was piece work. Meaning they would hire someone and pay them for parts of code and then let them go once they were finished. There once was a rumor about the code getting lost due to a fire but that turned out to be not true.