Around the Web, More Fallout 3 Screens


Getting my feet back under me after a couple weeks of traveling and showing off some new stuff on Fallout 3, and in going through my emails I came across quite a few notes on coverage going up. Also of note are three new Fallout 3 screens that were released today, which can be found on a variety of sites as well as on the official site as well.

Bit-Tech has a three-page preview up that talks about the various aspects of the demo I showed to Joe (who describes himself as “one of the biggest fans of the series in the world”). Here’s a snippet:

Fallout 3 is, like the first game, a post-apocalyptic adventure. It isn’t a post-apocalyptic musical comedy and if you’re looking for a game with that 1950s comedy feel then Serious Sam 2 may be more up your street. Here all we have is The Inkspots providing the soundtrack and buckets full of deadpan and gore.

Xboxer chimed in briefly on voice acting in Fallout 3. Apparently the gap between Liam Neeson’s performance as your father and Emil’s (placeholder) performance as your mother is quite large.

Eurogamer has a multi-page preview up for our German-speaking friends, as does Gameswelt.

CVG has two new updates today. The first touches on our current status for Fallout 3 DLC (we’re too busy to focus on this right now), while their other post shares new screens now available online.

Videogaming247 has a preview up as well as a bunch of smaller stories on different questions they asked me, which are linked from the last paragraph of the article on topics like platform differences, Dogmeat, DLC, and more.

Back in North America, Voodoo Extreme is currently running a “Most Wanted 2008 Sequel” poll. At the moment, Fallout 3 is holding its own against some heavy hitters like GTA IV, Starcraft II, and Metal Gear Solid 4.

GamePro has a preview on their site discussing the latest demo, where they suggest that Fallout 3 could be 2008’s Bioshock. Would you kindly read their impressions here?

Strategy Informer just posted a sort of preview/interview that includes their thoughts on the demo and parts of a Q&A I did with them. Here’s an excerpt:

There is much more detail in the surroundings than Oblivion’s rocks and trees, with burnt out husks and rubble everywhere. It looks frighteningly real in places, a terrifying image of a world years after a nuclear war. The scenery now takes damage, too. Hines demonstrated this by hurling a grenade into a series of wrecked cars, setting off a chain reaction – explosions blasting pieces of metal off at various angles. The entire game looks like a beautiful mess, influenced by decades of various media.

Reader Comments

  1. Good read at Strategy Informer. Nice site design with all the lively colors 😀

    Like the screenshots with ghoul gets bits of its flesh blasted off by the high powered weaponery. The birthday party in the vat looks nice though all the guys look creepily like Todd Howard especially the bald one in the corner of the pic :I

    Yes! At last a game where you get to walk around a real live city thats been nuclear blasted into mind numbing smithereens. This is gonna be more intense then playing a real world map in UNREAL TOURNAMENT.