More Fallout Coverage from UK/Europe


Coverage keeps coming in from Europe and I wanted to post some links to additional stuff that’s gone up. has their preview up now. Here’s a blurb from their piece:

“On to the dangers you’ll face then. During our demo these came in the form of mutants and Ghouls. Super mutants are your biggest foe in the game, with super mutant strongholds being set up across the wasteland. You’ll also face Ghouls (humans exposed to extreme amounts of radiation), with one particular variant being so full of radiation that it glows. How easily you spot these enemies depends on your perception stat, with high level characters seeing enemies on their radar much sooner than beginners.”

Hit the jump for more previews and interviews.

The lads at IGN in the UK have posted an interview that covers a variety of topics, such as:

IGN: Has it been restrictive working with a canon as well defined as Fallout’s?

Pete Hines: It’s more just a pleasure to be able to work in that fantastic universe, and the canon is not that restrictive to work with. We obviously took it to a different coast for a number of reasons, but the canon itself is a lot of fun and there’s still a lot of opportunity to play and we’re pretty used to that with the Elder Scrolls, with the canon that we ourselves have created.

Some coverage is also out in Italy, as has a preview up and so does

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