Friday News Roundup


Here’s a few things to check out/be on the lookout for to help get you through your day and into the weekend.

Tonight on G4, Todd Howard will be talking Fallout 3 with the folks from X-Play. For those planning on going out tonight, be sure to set your DVR for 8 PM (Eastern Time).

Speaking of Todd, he’s one of several folks in the game industry sounding off in a feature at called “Chairman of the Boards.” Written by Robert Ashley, it’s an interesting community feature that focuses in on the influence of one particular gaming forum — NeoGaf. In addition to Todd, Microsoft’s Jeff Bell, Newsweek’s N’Gai Croal, and God of War creator David Jaffe are among the other guys “in the biz” that discuss the relevancy of this popular gaming site.

In Fallout 3 news, there’s a few new previews that you can check out. Just today, EuroGamer put up their latest coverage on the game — a preview from Kieron Gillen. Here’s a snippet:

“It’s at your birthday party, and you’ve just received your Pip Boy wrist terminal and promised your first work detail, but between the amusement of robots ruining birthday cakes, you get your initial conversations. The first one is standard enough (though it introduces the concept of lying), but the next one we’re shown is with a bullying peer by the name of Butch, where you appear to have at least six cake-related options available; everything from a diplomatic, sharing-it-fifty-fifty option, to the openly perverse provocation of spitting in it and then giving it him.”

Kikizo also has a new preview up on the game based on their impression of seeing Pete demo the game in London last week.

Finally in print news, there’s a few new previews in the UK that you can check out on newsstands now. PC Format has a new 8-page cover story on the game in their latest issue. Here’s a sample:

“Karma is an integral part of progression through Fallout’s world, and the game is constantly monitoring how good or evil you are. The good news is it’s a rich spectrum rather than a simple black and white distinction.”

If you’re looking for more previews, the May issues of PlayStation: The Official Magazine UK and PC Zone also include impressions of the game.

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