Get ready for Fan Interview #2


Last year, once all the dust cleared from our initial unveiling of Fallout 3, we provided you guys with a chance to ask some burning questions about the game. Given we’ve just had another blitz of previews come out, we figured now was as good of a time as any to give you another opportunity.

Starting today in the Fallout 3 Discussion thread of the BGS forums, you can start suggesting questions you’d like to see answered. You can also share your questions in the comments section of this blog post, or simply by emailing us. To help make sure we’re answering the questions you guys want to know, I’ve entrusted three of our community members to help out with the process — Alexander, Briosafreak, Gizmo. If you’ve got suggestions, or think you might be able to help them out, drop them a line.

If you want your question considered, you have between now and Sunday, May 18th to post your questions through the channels listed above. Once we’ve got the final questions, we’ll work on getting answers back to you guys.

Reader Comments

  1. I’m curious how you go about balancing the storytelling to both tie into the previous games, while also making the new story accessible for people who have never played them (which is a pretty big segment of the younger generation, being as the last fallout game came out a decade ago). Since I’m assuming most of your staff has played both predecessors, do you just rely on play testers unfamiliar with the series to let you know if the story is coming together cohesively on its own?

  2. Also, I’m curious if you’re planning for any digital distribution methods, like Steam. I live in a small town with virtually no retail support for PC games, so such a method would be pretty preferable to just ordering it on Amazon and waiting a few extra days to get it anyway.

  3. How will your stats and skills affect the character in real time combat? Will i be able to shoot at something in my cross hairs in point blank range and still be able to miss if my skill is low enough? Also wheres melee combat?
    Can you give me some examples of how non-combative skills will be utilized? How many NPCs would be able to join my party? And when you die will you still be dead forever? what im trying to say is will the saving system stay the same? or if you changed it can you tell us how it will work?
    Is there any chance that we can skip over the tutorials? i really feel that they take away from the game. Are you guys gonna put a manual like in the originals? Those were always fun and informative to read through.
    I guess thats it for now. Good luck.

  4. Are there goin to be more unique death animation? I want to see something more funny then: Boom! Your leg, arm or head is gone.

  5. Ummmm i am most curios about melee combat. Shooting is great and all, but in fallout games you could always complete the game without any guns. Freadom in weapons choise that was one of the best parts. Is this freadom preserved?

    Dark humor was also a part of the game, and it was almost unlimited in it’s variety. Will f3 have the same degree of humor as in previos games?

    And in f2 there ware Yakuzas, although it was just a random incounter in the wasteland, will they be like faction in f3?

    And most importanly…katanas. Will they be in the game? Yeah i am a katana fan to the boot =)

  6. MUSIC

    In the first Fan Interview my question about what kind of music to expect was ignored. Now that we know there will be orchestral background music in the game, the question arises; WHY? Was it because Mark Morgan was unavailable/refused to do the soundtrack for the third installment of the series, or did you guys just decide that mainstream american-style glorified war music was the way to go? I admit that the only music I have heard for Fallout 3 was on the official website long ago in 2007, so please correct me if Im wrong. (I really do hope I am wrong!)

    In a lot of interviews Bethesda says that the main thing that makes Fallout, well, Fallout, is the cool style. Dont you guys think that the music was a MAJOR part of the style in the previous games? Please give this question some thought…

    Am I the only one concerned about the music for the Fallout universe?

  7. To Albert:
    A lot of people are quite upset about the music choice. It truly added atmosphere to the game. I also want to find out why they removed the ambient sounds for the orchestral score?

  8. Are you planning on determing a characters stamina by his Agility, overall weight, carry weight and something else?
    I mean, carrying a Power Armor with a minigun and catch up a naked Leather Armor Ghoul with a Cattle Prod yelling his lungs out: “CHAAAAAARRGEEEEEE!” doesn’t sound realistic.

    I hope that in the time you are trying to balance melee/unarmed with the other 4~5 deadly skills (Small guns, Big guns, Energy weapons, Throwing and Traps) you also take into account the fact that you need some advantage if you are using melee/unarmed as your main deadly skill. (you will also need to tag sneak, in order to get the perks which help get silent running, slayer, etc)

    Someone from the develop team pointed out the disadvantage of distance between you and your enemy, specially if he is holding any ranged weapon. On the other hand, he also pointed out the advantge of not having to be careful with how much ammo you spend, although from previous fallouts, most deadly unarmeed/melee weapons were the ones which depended on cells or energy, like Cattle Prod, the futurist energy fist, and so one.

    There is no way you are heading to some Robot with a Maze just to find out that you can barely make hi a scratch and be left to a strainer by his Vindicator.

    Could you give some deepth details about the squad formations, the companions and how are you dealing with the 3rd person view. If you haven’t you should stop by the discussion of ‘3rd person vs 1st person/over the shoulder view’, at the Forums.

    [I think something that defines RPG’s is being able to look at all your characters and how cool they look with the new fancy armor and their humongous Big Guns].

    And last, but not least: How many recuriters will you be able to get at once? (6 as in Tactics) and if you will have ‘special’ companions for some quests or missions: Like when you needed to defend the bishop at Tactics, it would have been helpful to have extra ghouls at you assitance.

    Bonus Q:
    Any hint on what creatures we can expect, besides radioactive scorps, wasps and rouches?
    Any new human / ghoul / supermutant?

    Thanks in advance, and hope you pick any (or all!) of my Q for the F.I.#2!

  9. can you kill children? i’ve seen this question given the sidestep here and there by hines. he said something like, “do you want to?” yes i do! it’s a karmic achievement to kill lots of kids in fallout 2, for god’s sake! yes i want to kill children and eat their corpse (god willing). it actually makes killing everyone in the game a lot easier, because the whole population of the game hates you.

    also, does intellect affect dialogue at all? i’ve already noticed that beth has unwisely said they will not give us the ability to talk like cavemen, but it’s unclear to me if the speach skill will still be based on intellect and charisma. will dialogue options be determined by intelligence as in the originals? or will they be determined by skill proficiencey contextually? thank you.