Bethesda/Fallout at E3 2008


Yes, Bethesda Softworks will be at this year’s E3 in LA.

Yes, we will have Fallout 3 there.

No, I don’t know why the ESA sent out a list that did not include us, just like they did last year. Maybe it’s because they had to go to print at a certain point and we hadn’t picked our space yet. No idea.

But we’ll be there and so will Fallout 3.

Reader Comments

  1. Maybe they “forgot” to put Bethesda name as one of the attendees to give the other companies a false feeling of standing a chance against the competition. Mu har! har! har! THE FOOLS!!!

  2. Right,

    I’ve spent my entire adult life waiting for a fallout comeback, and then I discover it’s already happenning on the night I order my new PS3….but all you guys say is “it’ll be ready for the fall 2008”. Are you taunting me? Is this game really in production? If so, can we have some dates please!!!!

    I’m sick of wining all the turn based fights.