Inon Zur Announced as Fallout 3 Composer


We just sent out a release announcing Inon Zur as the composer for the Fallout 3 soundtrack. Here’s a quote from Inon from the release:

Fallout 3 is one of the most engaging and demanding projects I’ve scored,” said Inon Zur. “It was very rewarding to put all my creative energy into supporting Bethesda‘s vision for the game. I’m very proud of the outcome, and look forward to sharing the music with the players.

Over on the official site in the Downloads section you’ll find a couple sample tracks from the game’s soundtrack. Head over and take a listen. If you want to read more about Inon Zur check out

We’ll have a short Q&A with Inon up in the next couple of days, so stay tuned.

Reader Comments

  1. I’m not too sure what to think of this situation. On one hand, the choice of composer could be infinitely worse. Jeremy Soule, Bethesda’s seemingly favorite composer, could have been a much poorer fit for Fallout with his inability to deviate from the “epic” at all. However, I can’t really say Mr. Zur is the best fit either. Don’t get me wrong; I think he’s incredibly competent at his work and I’ve really enjoyed a lot of his composition in some games, but I can’t shake that his flavor of composition doesn’t sync up with Fallout. To put it simply, it’s too epic and symphonic for the post apocalyptic franchise we all know and love. Again, it’s not bad, it’s just not right for the occasion.

    What probably is the most out of place thing though, is the fact Bethesda didn’t pick up Mark Morgan, the composer of the original Fallout score. Because as far as I know, he was interested in doing the score for Fallout 3, is well within Bethesda’s budget, and would have been a great way to show old fans that Bethesda “gets it”. It would sure go a lot further than press releases about Liam Neeson, or “objective” articles about how “awesome” Fallout 3 will be. I could easily understand if this was the only…”misstep” but Bethesda seems to be steering the franchise far away from it’s roots in almost every decision they make, while making half-hearted attempts to account for older fans.

  2. The Main Theme is absolutely wonderful, it really captures the epic feeling you get when playing the original Fallout. Thank you for sharing!

  3. the main theme is FANTASTIC! i think the music makes me want to play the game more than any screenshots i’ve seen. the screenshots look great but they’re static. this music really gives you an insight into how the game will feel .

    i can’t wait. only question now is weather i want to buy a 360 or a new computer to play this.

  4. I really like this guy’s style. I liked the main title the first time i heard it when the Fallout 3 site was launched. Megaton reminds me of the music in 3:10 to Yuma, and that is a good thing. I think Inon was a great choice and i’m looking forward to wandering around listening to his score!

  5. Some might not, but I love the Megaton theme. It would benefit from live instrumentation; some of the moments are a bit too “synthy”, but the feeling it projects is about what I’m looking for from in-town areas.

    The main theme isn’t catchy enough. It doesn’t “stick” as main theme’s should, and adds even more credence to the “Oblivion with guns” thoughts. It sounds too much like the TES themes.

    “Into the Wasteland” makes great use of empty space. Good silent moments. A bunch of instruments, all in the background, and all disappearing as soon as they appear. Like a gathering of ghosts moving in and out of view. Pretty much perfect.

  6. Main theme is my favorite music right now, but it really doesn’t fit Fallout setting, only if the Main Character is somekind of a Vault 101 Hero.
    Megaton is good, but it needs some fixing here and there.
    Into the Wasteland
    Reminds me some old fantasy game I played long ago. Same as Megaton, it’s good, but it needs fixing.

    I’ll give this soundtrack 3/5

    My personal view is that, Fallout music should be simple.

  7. Sorry, but the Inon’s music is everything but good for the Fallout game. It’s boring and dull, mostly generic and same as his previous work. I’m so sad about your choice, Bethesda.

  8. The main theme is not falloutesque at all !!! Comon we are not rescueing a gay princess or something.

    Don’t forget the tags : Tribal / industrial / apocalyptic / new wave / minimal 8bit / wiiiiiind

    And trust me, you got a legend soundtrack.

  9. I disagree with the choice of composer. Heres why,

    1. Over 100+ hours of gameplay. Heres where Jeremy Soule stands out above alot of other composers. Though he may not have the “Fallout” vibe, his scores promote the natural longevity needed in such a massive game like this. I cant wait till I really start playing the game for 8 hours in a row
    and that Cool/Edgy “Mark Morgan/Inon Zur” Falloutesque Industry Sound starts to ear buds bleeding and has me scrambling to get into options and turn the music totally off.