Australia’s finest – Tim Tam

tim tam.jpg

While I had a busy week of flights and meetings for Fallout 3 while Australia, I discovered a fantastic cookie (or biscuit, as they say) called Tim Tam. Available in a variety of flavors (Original, Latte, Double Chocolate to name a few), these things need to start being made in the States.

Over the next few days, I’ll be bringing in a few varieties for folks at the office to try, and so far everyone seems to like them…maybe too much. Attrebus, we might need a shipment of these soon! I’ll take these over Pocky any day.

Reader Comments

  1. Forget your Oreo’s. Tim Tams really are the greatest biscuit (Biccie!) in the universe. Who said us Australians weren’t good for anything?


  2. Tim Tams are a great albeit evil (watch the belly) treat! Let me know if you want any more and I’ll be happy to send some over to my favorite people in the world :D.

  3. wow, to think that tim tams arent produced outside aussie, didnt know that.

    have you happened to try vegemite? just as good.

  4. Tim tams! delicious. I’m trying to think of some other typically-aussie things you might not have tried, but… it’s difficult, because, well, it’s all just -stuff- here.

  5. Did you bit off the 2 opposing corners, stick one end in a coffee and suck the coffee through the middle?

    If not then you have not experienced tim-tams properly.

    In Australia, a cookie is a flat, piece of dough with things put into the mix, like choc-chips or what have you, these get put onto sheets flat, and then baked. A biscuit is anything oreo or tim-tam like, wafers or layered.

  6. Peter C here, glad you found out about the Tim Tams… they are sent from gods, not like those (insert crude word here) ferero roches things… but anyways, the only thing i have a beef with is that they pack it in 11’s so its hard to share…

    biscuit….biscuit… learn the word americans…

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