New Vault Diary on Fallout 3 site — Adam Adamowicz


Today over on the official Fallout 3 site, there’s a chance to read the latest Vault Diary. The newest edition comes from Fallout 3 concept artist (and Inside the Vault alum) Adam Adamowicz. In his diary, Adam discusses his inspirations, as well as his process for coming up with concept art for the game. Here’s a snippet of his discussion on armor for the Super Mutants:

“Their armor is total salvage yard, car hoods and fenders resourcefully but crudely pounded into chest plates and pauldrons. Lawn mower blades welded onto helmets. I wanted recognizable elements twisted to a more violent purpose to reflect a sinister resourcefulness to surviving in a highly dangerous world. This ‘junkyard wars’ approach to their armor and weapons generated whole categories of unique and often hilarious Homemade Weapons that I’ll speak about next.”

Given that it’s a diary about concept art, we’ve also got some designs from Adam to share with you — including designs of Super Mutants, Vault Suits, and post apocalyptic fashion. Check out the diary here.

Reader Comments

  1. I gotta say I love most of those artworks very much, those SuperMutants are basically only ones I still don’t like…look at Marcus, he is not such an ugly creature?! ๐Ÿ™
    And the BigTongue creature is also slightly in not liking department, but I can live with it.
    I love the rest, DeathClaw, Clothing, Machines..damn, evem that homemade flaming sword looks kind of neat, and I can imagine using it!

  2. Almost everything looks Ok.The Architecture looks perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Only problem were the supermutants.
    Too orcish. Can you say “urruk hai” boys and girls. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I please you!!

    Beware the design-line of Fallout 1-2, don’t change this SIMPLE look! In the concepts there are too much details and I hope the graphic will be lighter in the game.
    The point is: We play in a post-apocaliptic world, there is no civilization, no fabrics or any production capacities that can produce hi-tec weapons or robots. Designers of Fallout 1-2 have choose that funny 50-60s look from USA (design in Europe was other at the time, and for European it looks very different and a bit exiting) not just because they talents was confined technically. This look was simple and funny, “EASY TO MAKE” with some knowledge in the world we play. The other reason, I think, incandescent lamps holds EMP-Weapons, lamps are more reliable as micro-chips.
    So don’t make the objects too small and with amount of details, they must look simple and ancient not because of some “fashionable-minimalisms-style-shit” but because you can’t use micro or nano technology in wasteland! You better make a lot of signts of decay like rust, dust, splits etc. then all those hight technological details.
    Amount of details makes the game too heavy for playing for fun!
    I mean “more violent to survive” is good, but you need reliable things in a wasteland. The look is not of big use there. Reliable equipment is made very simple!! Just look at military equipment, especially that used in WWI+II (boots instead of hight shoe etc.) Really reliable, trustful weapons like AK-47, MG-2, M-60 made as a ultimative survival tool look very simple…
    I ask you to keep this line, this is hard work I think. But the violence is in conflict with the fun of Fallout-art.

    Sorry for the long comment with little sense, but it was a cry of a soul. Good looking design with no use of it makes me just angry…

  4. Funny on the Super Mutants gear but scary in its deceptive sinister cuteness. Love the crossbow like weapon with the toy race car at the end ๐Ÿ™‚

    The Wastelanders look 1950s leathery cool like something out of PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES.

    This is some rich work. Thanks for the dose of advertising juice ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Adam Adamowicz did an awesome job with this. he deserves a raise, or at least a pat on the back. I’m very impressed.

    Also, does anyone know if/when/where I can pre-order the game?

  6. Hey Bethesda,

    This is Sal, editoro of Scrawl ( We would like to know if the PS3 version of Fallout 3 will require any mandatory installs.

    We hope not, as it gets annoying with every other PS3 game. Thank you!