April Honors: Files of the Month at TES Nexus


Better late than never, here’s a look at the TES Nexus’ most popular mods for Oblivion in the month of April.

The most popular download was Ancient Towers by WilliamSea. Here’s a brief description of the mod from the author:

“One day, you find yourself traveling South on the Yellow road. After passing the bridge over the Corbolo River, you are attacked by a bandit screaming wildly at you. After dispacthing the crazy thief, you see a tent in the woods with a strange light emanating from it. You cautiously look around and slowly approach the bandits camp site. On a rock inside the tent are several glowing welkyd gems, and next to them is a scroll with the bandits diary explaining his most recent adventure in the hills to the East. He found a set of ancient towers guarded by amazing creatures of great power. Will you be able to gain control of this fabulous site? Can you defeat the tower guardians?”

For more information on WilliamSea’s mod, check out the thread he started in the Oblivion Mods board. Also, keep in mind that to run this mod, you’ll need to be sure that you’ve updated Oblivion with the most recent patch, and keep in mind this mod requires that you have The Shivering Isles as well.

After Ancient Towers, the following mods round out this month’s honorees:

  • Frostcrag Reborn by Indefinance: This mod overhauls Frostcrag Spire with two extensions to the main tower.
  • Alternative Start Arrive By Ship by Robert Evrae: Rather than beginning your quest in Oblivion by escaping the Imperial Prison, your character arrives in Cyrodiil via ship. For character generation, you must fill out immigration papers to create your character.
  • Screen Effects by Qzilla: This handy utility allows players to control fullscreen contrast, brightness, saturation, and posterization via script. For more details, visit this thread.
  • Sephs Hand to Hand Animation Replacer by Keter Sephiroth: Using this mod, changes are made to the Hand to Hand Strong Attack Animation so that your character will actually kick.

Give a hand to these guys for their hard work. Until next month…

Reader Comments

  1. Hey,
    Great job on oblivion! It is the only game that I play now on my PS3. When will there be the DLC on the PSN?


  2. Doubt if they will do DLC for PS3 .. I have a suspicion they have done an exclusive deal with Microsoft XBox. Money talks.