Fallout 3 Fan Interview: Vote for your Favorite Question


At the stroke of midnight, the submission period for our latest Fallout 3 fan interview concluded. Since then, Briosafreak, Alexander, and Gizmo have sorted through all the submissions and have compiled a list of 40 questions — which now needs to be cut in half….by you!

To do this, we’ve got a new thread pinned in the Fallout 3 forums that lets you vote for the questions you like best. When the voting closes a few days from now, we’ll hand over the most popular questions to the development team to answer.

So head on over to the forums and place your vote.

Reader Comments

  1. So the “fan” interview just became “BGSF” interview?

    Because that’s exactly the impact that turning the selection process over to only registered users has, y’know.

    Just an FYI, etc. etc.

  2. while upgrading new patch error message reads “warning old file not found however file with the same name was found” then “no update done since file contents do not match” next “Patch error old file not found” see im trying to upgrade the fighters stronghold but told to use this patch. however i am unable to do so for whatever reasons. help me please how do i solve this problem?

  3. Not my point, HD, for the last fan interview you could submit your questions here as well, if I recall correctly. That means it’s open to anyone, including those banned or unwilling to go near the BGSF.

    No longer the case. No?

  4. Questions were still taken from the forums, here on the blog, emails we received, and also from the IGN version of Bethblog.

    Gizmo and Co. decided on the forum poll as a way to whittle down the choices.

  5. ‘s not that simple. For one thing, the numerical majority of BGSF has shifted heavily towards pro-Bethesda, as can be seen from current polls, whereas the detractors have shifted away to other forums, to the point where even forums like SA or NeoGAF have some voicing doubt now (not to mention GameFAQS).

    But more importantly, submitting questions was open form since anyone can submit here, but BGSF isn’t as open to anyone, either because they do not wish to go there under any account (sorry, but it happens) or because they’re banned (woe is banned people).