Fallout 3 soundtrack/poster for GameStop pre-orders


I’ve received several emails from fans inquiring whether or not GameStop is providing a Fallout 3 CD with pre-orders for the game. The answer? Yes, yes we are. With a pre-order of the game, fans are given a 5-track disc with “featured selections” from the soundtrack, along with a Brotherhood of Steel poster.

GameStop should have started receiving their stock of this pre-order giveaway late last week, so if your local GameStop doesn’t have them yet, they’ll probably have them in a few days. I’d venture to guess that GameStop’s website will show the offer sometime soon.

We included the front and back sleeve designs for the soundtrack — to get a better look, click on the images to enlarge them. Below is the back sleeve design for the disc. You can see it includes three songs licensed from the 1940’s, as well as two tracks from the game’s composer, Inon Zur.


Reader Comments

  1. Hmm…I already preordered the CE at Gamestop a few weeks ago. Can I go into the store and ask for a copy of the CD/poster, based on my prior pre-order?

  2. Will this offer happen at any retailers in the UK such as game, gamestation or amazon.co.uk? Please say yes! Please!

  3. Just got home with the CD/poster set. So, yup, pre-existing pre-orders are eligible to pick up the CD/poster set. Just go in and ask.

  4. Awesome!!! You guys are the BEST game company around! This kind of stuff is the best sort of thing to bridge that burning desire for Fallout 3. I can’t wait for the goodies in the Collectors Edition! I just talked to my Gamestop people, and they have the soundtracks in! I’m picking mine up in the morning!!! Thanks a million Bethesda!

  5. Please try to fix something for us Europeans as well… And is there any chance there’ll be a separately released soundtrack with Inon Zur’s complete score for the game?

  6. As said, we here in Europe would certainly like something similar, this really looks like cool pre-order bonus…

  7. Is this available in Canada?

    I just phoned my Local Ebgames and Gamestop and neither have anything and they’re being told that if they do get something it will be in the month before release (one of the managers asked corporate)

  8. Will the full soundtrack come along with either version of the game on a separate disc?

    I think a lot of games with great soundtracks miss opportunities to do so, as a lot of people end up using PC apps to rip out audio and encode/leak it on the net themselves.

    Oh, and I know you guys didn’t do the PS2 Fallout, but I was listening to the new Meshuggah today and it totally sounded like some great tunes to play while playing some Fallout 3. Here’s praying for a future patch for PS3 version to have custom music… 😀

  9. This is Gamestop (Maybe EB as well) exclusive. Online or in-store. Both CE and regular. Existing pre-orders or new ones. It is a 5-track CD I picked up today and a folded poster. Hope that answers it all.

  10. Swell…except for the fact that GameStop is not the only game (“wut r dis pc’s?”) “store” (and I use that term LOOSELY) out there and that they are evil.

  11. Too bad Gamestop didn’t get the Survival Edition. It’s strange because they usually get all the best stuff. I’ll just have to get the soundtrack and poster then return the CE game I have reserved because I’m getting the SE. I must Survive! Lol.

  12. Ummm, I pre-ordered online through Gamestop – the only reason I did was to get the pre-order goodies (IE the CD). Now they tell me they “cannot guarantee” I will receive the CD as “supplies are limited”(!). This seem unethical at best and fraudulent at worst – their website clearly implies pre-orders will receive this item. I wouldn’t have pre-ordered and spent the extra money on S&H if I wasn’t going to get the pre-order extras. Is there anyway I can get this CD? I really don’t want to get ripped paying $10 on Ebay for a promo item…

  13. Yeah, I have the same question too. The website states that the cd and poster comes “included with the game.” Does this mean the cd and poster will ship with the game when it games out?

  14. I just ordered from Best Buy and I’m not sure if I made the right choice to do so… Will the sampler soundtrack ever be sold separately?

  15. I preordered at Gamestop online for instore pickup on 7/14/08 and of course when I went to pick it up I did not receive my soundtrack or poster…

  16. I didn’t receive the Soundtrack when i pre-ordered… :((

    from what it sounded like, not lots of people pre-ordered it before i did.. 🙁 i’m sad.

    but then again it was only 5 tracks 😛

    I got the Collectors edition too.. i got all that bobble head stuff, art book, and “making of”, (along with the guide that i bought) but no soundtrack or poster 🙁

  17. lol sorry for double post, but i would’ve liked to see more music from the game that’s played on GNR. They’re soo catchy.. i wonder if there’s a list of the songs in the game manual or something…

    if anyone has the list of all songs played on GNR in game.. let me know!! i want to find them.

  18. I pre ordered the game, But not in the gamespot website or the store showed let the customers know about the cd and poster is there any way to recieve it, or buy it?

    I love the music that GALAXY station has!