New Fallout 3 coverage to follow


Here at Bethesda HQ, we just got the June 2008 issue of Game Informer, which includes a new Q&A with Executive Producer Todd Howard. Here’s a snippet:

Game Informer: Are there going to be location-based encounters, or events not tied to particular quests or missions — such as the unicorn or goblin caves from Oblivion?

Todd: Absolutely, lots of that. We can’t stop ourselves from squeezing as much content as we can into every inch. I think the density is getting really good.

Be on the lookout for the new June issue of Game Informer on newsstands.

In other coverage, self-proclaimed biggest, bestest Fallout fanWill Porter takes a second look at the game for CVG. Here’s a sample of what he wrote:

“Much as in the original Fallout games, where you’d only be told settlements were vaguely to the south or were completely unmarked.

This ‘less is more’ ethic extends to NPCs as well, having a more limited number of wordier tykes milling around, rather than the hundreds of three-line conversation ‘tell me rumours!’ variety that inhabited Oblivion.”

In international coverage, German website GameStar has a new preview (in German) on their site as well.

Reader Comments

  1. You’d expect a devote Fallout fan like Will Porter to talk more about dialogue.

    Also, you forgot to mention the new screenshots in Game Informer. The whole shooting-ghoul-in-the-crotch-with-SMG one.

  2. I dunno. At this point I already know I want the title, it’s kind of “don’t ask don’t tell” with me. I don’t even want to read the answers to the 20 fan questions. I feel like I’m reading about a movie I’m going to watch later, I don’t wanna know the details!

    But hey, that’s my bag.

  3. Ok… you’re not going to put unicorns and ogres in are you?

    Then we can tame those beasts and ride a unicorn or somethin…