Bethesda Makes a Splash (Damage) (Deal)


Just sent out a press release announcing a long-term development partnership with U.K. studio, Splash Damage. These are the guys behind award-winning titles like Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. We were just really impressed with the team they’ve got, their ideas, and where we think they’re headed and felt like it was a team we really had to work with.

I’m personally very excited to work with these guys going forward as they’re a very likeable, enthusiastic, and smart lot, though admittedly it will be a while before we reveal any specifics. To find out more about Splash Damage, head over to their web site where you’ll find they have their own developer blog.

It is worth mentioning that if you’re in London, or would like to live in London, and are a talented programmer, artist, or designer, they are growing and definitely hiring.

Reader Comments

  1. Unlike most of you guys, Im not hoping to see a hyrbid between QuakeWars and Elder scrolls, but rather a fresh new game with it’s own unique sides.
    I’ll be following this closely :3

  2. That’s great, I love Quake Wars. Maybe Bethesda should adopt some of their attitude as well, you can see Splash developers post in their forum regulary answering questions. Even in the modding section(!).

    Elder Scrolls Wars – Enemy Territory. Will surely be a fun game. Looking forward to sit in a Daedric battle tank with my scamp aggressor. 😉