Vive La France!


For those of you living in France, Pete just passed on word of three magazines that should be on newsstands.

The June issue PC Jeux has a two page spread that covers aspects of the game that Pete showed while in Europe about a month ago. Similarly, Pete showed the game to the folks at JoyPad, where the game is featured in their May issue. Not to be confused with JoyPad, be on the lookout for Joystick’s cover story on Fallout 3 in their June issue (on newsstands now).

If you’re like me and you don’t know a lick of French (still puzzled as to why I took Latin), there’s a new interview with Fallout 3 Original Composer Inon Zur (I know, he’s not French) on IGN’s Insider page. Here’s a sample:

IGN: When you started in gaming what was the most dramatic difference between what you had been doing at the time, and then jumping into the world of gaming?</b>

Inon Zur: The big difference between the way music for games is being handled is there’s a little bit less pressure for time. When you’re composing for TV it needs to be really fast and you just throw in the kitchen sink or basically whatever you have because you have three days to finish the episode. There are not many places to explore, and to get something that is really good in such a short time. Also, in games producers and developers are involved very heavily with the whole creative process. Basically, it makes you part of a team rather than an outsider that is being contracted to do some work. You really feel you belong, and you are visiting the company. Your input in many cases as a composer could have a major impact on the actual game which is not usually the case with TV.

Again, with an Insider account, you can read the interview here.

That’s it for now.

Reader Comments

  1. hehe i was about to write same as Brios, french here 😉

    i will find the magazine and get a translation for you asap

  2. Salut,

    j’ai hâte de recevoir le PC Jeux de juin alors.

    I translate, for the team of bethesda 😉 :

    I am eager to receive the June issue PC Jeux, in this case.

    Vive la Corse !

  3. It’s interesting to see a composer getting recognition and press for a game. As a composer myself, I can say that this sort of thing is very unusual for us 🙂 However it seems Jeremy Soule also has (had?) a good experience and relationship with the Bethesda team that has brought him some acclaim that he might not have gotten otherwise, even though he has done a slew of games.