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In case you missed it, CVG put up a two-part feature over the weekend titled “The complete history of open-world games.” The staff at PC Zone take a look at the history and appeal of the genre, while talking with folks that make the games — including Todd Howard. Here’s a sample from the section entitled “Grand Theft Scrolls” in part 1:

Beginning with Arena (which you can now download for free at the game’s 10th Anniversary page at, which was followed by Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion and many expansion packs, Bethesda’s series takes in the empire of Tamriel and otherworldly realms such as the Shivering Isles, with the player character able to be a number of races (including Orc, Dark Elf, Imperial and Nord) and classes (such as knight, bard and sorcerer).

“I think that perhaps, the Elder Scrolls series has most of all pushed the idea that massive scale can also be manageable,” says Howard. “That all the little details can be done to an extreme, yet the whole world can still fit together and tell its own story as you wander through it.”

To read the rest, check out these links (part 1) (part 2).

Reader Comments

  1. Nice article.

    By the way, I have a question about Daggerfall. Any possibilities of releasing that just like Arena, since now it can only be played with Dosbox, and it is very old?

  2. [OT]
    Is there a chance you would… open-source Daggerfall or Arena?

    Or if you couldn’t do that, just promise that people writing a new game client for them would be safe?

  3. My fiance bought me the hologram boxed Daggerfall and Redguard. Sadly… I don’t have a computer that can run either. Dosbox etc. Never works for me well.