New Hall of Famers at Planet Elder Scrolls


Over on Planet Elder Scolls, the site has announced their latest Hall of Fame entries for the months of April and May. Per usual, to reach “Hall of Fame” status, a mod must receive a minimum of 25 votes with a score of 8 or higher and have been available for at least three months, as well as having been downloaded at least 5,000 times. Typically, only the top three mods for Morrowind and Oblivion qualify, but since there were no announcements in April, this time around, four mods qualified for Morrowind and six mods for Oblivion.

Before I share the mods that met the criteria, it’s also worth noting an honorary entry was given to Lord Devil’s housing mod, Cragonmoor (shown above). Lord Devil (also known as Quatloos), passed away recently. She will be remembered as a friend and valued member of the Morrowind modding community, and we send our condolences to her family and friends.

Moving on to the other inductions, here’s the four Morrowind mods that made the cut.

  • A Lord’s Men by Lord Gildor: According to Lord Gildor, this mod (which requires the Tribunal expansion) is intended “to add to the atmosphere of players’ houses and strongholds.”
  • Real Stars by grVulture: When it becomes night time, this mod uses real astronomical photos to fill the game world’s sky with real stars.
  • Vibrant Morrowind 3.0 by Skydye and Headless Wonder: Want a more colorful Morrowind? This mod replaces all the game’s textures for a more vibrant look.
  • GS_TAMRIEL Tribute to The Community by Gianluca: This landmass mod serves as a tribute to the Morrowind community and combines 64 different mods.

For Oblivion, here’s the latest mods to make their way into the Hall.

  • Louder Nirnroot Sound by Sandman: This mod adds a ringing sound to let you know when there are nearby nirnroots to collect.
  • Seph’s Hand to Hand Animation Replacer by Keter Sephiroth: Adds new kick animations when delivering hand-to-hand combat in the game.
  • Mountain Tower by Sage Rime: This mod adds a new tower to the game full of filled with new stuff to explore.
  • Kvatch Rebuilt by Kvatch Rebuilt Team: This mod fulfills the dream of many Oblivion fans — to finally see Kvatch rebuilt in all its glory.
  • Bag of Holding by Quarn: Based on the Bag of Holding from D&D, this mod allows you to store as many items as you want in it while also nullifying their weight so you won’t become over-encumbered.
  • DarkUI’d DarN by Gothic251: Adds a DarkUI version of the popular mod, DarNified UI 1.3.1.

Again, congratulations to the modders. See ya next month!

Reader Comments

  1. DarkUI’d DarN is one of the greatest UI mods out there. It adds so many simple detail that take the guess work out of many things by putting the info right in front of you. So if am selling and buying items to a shop keeper I dont have to worry about buying so much I cant move due to being so heavy because the UI right away adds or subtracts the current weight of things carried. This and alot of other creature comforts makes this my favorite UI mod.

    Rest in peace Lord Devil. You always made others smile by smiting many a fallen Troll who attempted to make us frown. May your next adventure be even more fun and successful. Thank you.