Homemade Brotherhood of Steel figure


This morning on Kotaku, I spotted a custom-made Brotherhood of Steel figure created by Jim Saotome — a gaming fan notorious for making cool custom figures in the past (like Gordon Freeman and the Master Chief).

Over on his website, Saotome discusses how the BoS likeness was created:

“Our Brotherhood of Steel here was made from the upper half of a Sigma 6 Zartan, lower half of Sigma Strike Duke, ML Hulkbuster armor pieces, Cobra Commander helmet, Leatherneck gas mask, then all sorts of odds and ends worked into the piece as well as sculpting with Aves Studios Fixit Sculpt.”

With all those parts from GI Joe characters, it kind of reminded me of how Cobra created Serpentor. Can I get a Yoooo Joe?

Reader Comments

  1. Oh my goodness! That would be some sweet gettings if it was included in the Collectors Edition of FALLOUT 3 just like the Ordinator Figurine for the Collectors Edition of MORROWIND which I have proudly on display in my room 😀

  2. This guy has some talent…so guys…can we get some Fallout action figures on the market? I’d would buy the complete set. Well if they ever come to be.

  3. Would it be posible for some one to want a life size 10′ Radioactive Power Suit. It is posible that I would have one in my possesion soon. Keep a look out. It will be mutch cooler than a 6″ figure. FYI Elektr0