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Last week while in Europe, Pete showed off Fallout 3 at Ubisoft’s Ubidays event in Paris at the Louvre Museum. If you’ve ever been to the Louvre (or read The DaVinci Code), you know that the famous museum is home to some great pieces of art, including the Mona Lisa.

In the spirit of displaying artwork, here’s a look at one of three screenshots we shared at the Ubidays event. To see them in their full glory, head over to our Fallout 3 homepage.

Reader Comments

  1. If you look closely to the picture of the outside of Megaton, you can see a man on a watchtower. And that picture with the leg getting shot of, why is the (super?) mutant upside-down?

  2. Why is the weapon sticking out of the ground? And why the hell are you showing us screenshots of breakdancing supermutants (who look like orcs), and not some dialog shots?

  3. I suppose the gun is very powerful, nonetheless I find that shot awesome- enough to wonder why you are so picky.

    Also, orc? Have you ever seen an orc? The old FO mutants look a helluva lot like orcs then.

  4. Hardcore artwork. Reminds me of the desolate look of MORROWIND. Love the building picture and the one of the guy getting his leg blown off. Guess that probably means we can target specific body parts.

    Thanks for the rush.

  5. I was wondering, is it legal for me to post these screenshots on a gaming website and mention that they are from Fallout 3?

  6. whats with the ghouls? ghouls are people in fallout, they should be shooting at us, not swinging their arms wildly!

    its looking completely Oblivion-like, which is very concerning for the overall vibe… i do like the leg shot though, at least thats fallout style.

  7. Just noticed, the guy with the Uzi is holding it like a rifle or crossbow. His left hand is floating undernethe the clip for some reason. Hope you fix that up.

  8. my personal favorite picture is of the brotherhood of steel paladin (or whatever rank he/she is). im actually in paris right now ill be visisting the lourve very soon.