What we packed for lunch


Last month we announced the Fallout 3 Collector’s Edition, and today we’re giving you a first look at the contents included with it. When you purchase the CE, you’ll get the following:

  • Vault Boy Bobblehead: Enjoy your very own Vault Boy with this collector’s item direct from Vault-Tec.
  • The Art of Fallout 3: This hardcover book features nearly 100 pages of never-before seen concept art and commentary from Bethesda Game Studios artists.
  • The Making of Fallout 3: Get an exclusive, inside look at Bethesda Game Studios and the team behind the game with this special DVD.
  • Vault-Tec Lunch Box: The entire package comes in a fully customized metal lunchbox.

The Fallout 3 Collector’s Edition will release the same day as the regular edition of the game and is available for pre-order now.

Reader Comments

  1. Hello,

    There are different English versions for the Collector’s Edition of the game, UK and USA or only one for both?. Because if there are two different English versions I’ll want the USA version but Amazon.com only sell it within USA and Canada, not Europe. Do you know where can I buy the USA version when it will be released?

    I’m waiting for this games since Fallout 2 and I love your work.



  2. Stay tuned for pre-ordering details in Europe.

    FYI, you might want to let your local gaming store know that you’re interesting in ordering one…that goes for anyone in any country that wants to get it. Gotta let the stores know you want it.

    I hope that helps.

  3. You can preorder the game from play.com (a UK website), but I’m guessing thats just a placeholder as you say that you haven’t announced it for Europe yet, and the website doesn’t say anything about the lunchbox

  4. Behind the scenes DVD and concept art book! I’m definitely ordering the collector’s edition. Plus I’ve never had a game in a lunchbox 😀

  5. Ooo nice hard cover art book. If only MORROWIND’s collectors edition art book had been hard cover if only if only…

  6. Nice! It’s more than what I was expecting! Will there be a soundtrack available as well? I know there is a pre-order soundtrack CD but will it be available to European customers and/or in the collector’s edition?


    P.S. Keep up the excellent work!

  7. Most of the stuff looks Ok.I kinda like the lunch box.
    There’s one thing I don’t like, the bobblehead, looks bad. Sorry it looks terrible.

  8. Aww you guys should post the full(or near full) soundtrack somewhere online then, or maybe just release on PSN/AmazonMP3/itunes/etc. for a few bucks. 😛

    I’ve been MADLY(this pun barely works) working at finishing the Shivering Isles quests in anticipation of more time-killing with Fallout 3 later this year. SO GLAD I preordered the special edition… mmmmm…

  9. Ok, so is the Bobble head made of plastic or ceramic?
    And is the lunchbox a steel metal lunchbox like they had in the past or is it those new aluminum boxes that can be stabbed with a nail easily?

  10. Nice ! Be sure that this box will be a best-seller in France 🙂
    Think about a little boy with this lunch box in school. Rhôôô it’s like twilight-zone, for me 🙂

  11. Hi, I live in the UK, and online sites such as amazon.co.uk and play.com have a collectors edition listed for £49.99… Is the European CE the same as the one shown above? Or are will the CE vary between regions?
    Thanks for any answers.

  12. Oriah – they don’t make steel lunchboxes anymore, unfortunately. (At least not children’s lunchboxes with printed designs – they still make domed construction worker’s lunch boxes).
    Schools started banning the steel boxes in the early 80’s citing safety concerns, and lunch box companies had already started using a more cost effective injection molding process to make plastic lunch boxes. Due to the dwindling demand and rising costs, Aladdin stopped production of steel lunch boxes in 1987.

  13. Nooo! It needs Vault 101 t-shirts! The CE isn’t complete without the t-shirts! 😀

    Anyways, I’m getting this metal box of goodness, but still…!! T-shirts, Bethesda, we want t-shirts!

  14. Is this final view of contents or we can wait some modification before release??

    I thought Vault Boy will be more realistic, closely to imagines in original Fallout.
    This have so big head.

    And one more question: what’s about localization?? For example in Russia. Are u planned this?

  15. Vadim,

    Just pre-order from one of the site’s like Amazon or Gamespot.

    Andrey, as the image indicates, “final product may vary” — but it’s pretty close to the final product.

    Vault Boy has a big head because it’s a bobble head.

  16. [Vault Boy has a big head because it’s a bobble head.

    Left by gstaff on June 5th, 2008]

    Whew! For a moment there i was petrified terrified thinking it was a new FALLOUT 3 Cult Of The Todd.

  17. Pre-ordered it yesterday here in Czech Republic ;D Can’t wait to get my hands on it…
    …if only I had a time machine 🙁 Sigh.

  18. […if only I had a time machine Sigh.

    Left by TehGoat on June 6th, 2008]

    Be glad you dont. Otherwise you would have everything you ever wanted in one shot and have nothing to look forward to in the future 😀

    Just enjoy your favorite games you already have remembering how much you lusted after them before release.