Around the Web: Peterem Hinesem edition


Last week Pete had a chance to meet with Polish gaming journalists to discuss Fallout 3 — so if you’re fluent in Polish, you might want to check these out. First, Gram.Pl has a video interview with Pete — where he discusses character gender, NPC companions, and more. Even if you don’t understand Polish, you should be able to pick up on the questions asked based on Pete’s answers.

Meanwhile, Gry-Online has footage up from their interview with Pete as well. They’ve also got a four-page preview on their site.

And just a reminder, as Pete mentioned in the interview with Gram.Pl, our Fallout 3 homepage is now available in Polish. We’ve also got the site localized for French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Russian fans as well. If the cookies on your PC already have the site set to English and you want to change it, you can find the different language options at the bottom of any page on the site.

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At CNN, there’s a new feature that highlights some of the games folks can look forward to now that some of spring’s big hits (GTA IV, Wii Fit) have reached store shelves. Fallout 3 sits atop their list of games to play. Similarly, Tom Chick at Fidget includes Fallout 3 in his 2008: The best of the rest of the year list.

Finally, following a week of coverage updates on Fallout 3, has a new Fallout 3 preview up on their site. Here’s a sample where Pete explains how action points work with VATS:

“Each gun has a different rate of fire,” he explained, “so for a laser rifle, which is a single shot, you can get off more shots, where these are little controlled bursts on your submachine gun. You know the Fat Man, one shot would take out pretty much all of your action points. The idea is if you go in a VATS mode, and then you come back out and you just run around like shooting, then your action points will not come back as quickly, so you cannot jump right into VATS. We keep you from like running around and pulling the trigger constantly, and always being able to go right into VATS running around. You sort of have to balance it. How much do you want to do in real time, how much do you want to do in VATS?”

That’s all for now. We’ll continue to keep you updated as more news rolls in.

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