Mod Interview: Imperial Legion Faction


This week’s mod interview is with the Imperial Legion Faction Mod team. Today we’re talking with Logam, InS4n3, Imperial Knight, and SFlpm.

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How did you guys meet and get involved in this project together?
Imperial Knight: Logam and I first became acquainted when I became a member of the former modding studio, Silver Rose Studios. After things began to slow down there, Logam asked me if I wanted to join him in working on his Legion Mod, and as a fan of Imperials and the Legion, I agreed to write for him. Ins4n3 jumped on board not long after being part of Silver Rose Studios, and SFlpm is our newest team member.

What do you enjoy most about modding?
Imperial Knight: I enjoy the people you meet while working on different projects and the relationships you form, and then releasing your product out into the community and seeing how they receive it.

Who originally came up with the idea for the Imperial Legion Faction?
That would be me. I was hoping to make a massive mod which had all of Tamriel in it. The regular beginners dream mod. After having people waste a whole thread with negative comments, I decided it may not be the best idea. Instead, I set to work on the Legion Mod, which was originally meant to be a small mod. Now it’s a much larger project, and it’s been in development for a year now.

What responsibilities do you guys have on the project?
Logam: I am the lead designer and currently design the quests and world. Without a doubt, unless my great team was here, I would have stopped working on it already. I do a bit of writing too. I am hoping to get Imperial Knight to do a ton of work soon.

Ins4n3: I’m responsible for all new items — including a brand new set of Imperial Legion armor as well as a bunch of weapons. My overall goal is to give the Oblivion Legion a much more Morrowind look to them, which means adding a Roman-esque undertone that radiates regality and power. I felt the vanilla Oblivion Legion items were just much too plain. I don’t plan to completely restore the old Morrowind armor or weapons, but to add both authentic and personal touches. The new weapons and armor should be fantastic and finally give the Oblivion Legion the personality it has been looking for.

Sflpm: I am personally the lead skinner and texturer on the project. I provide detailed maps of how the weapons and apparel appear. I am currently working with InS4n3 on some weapons and armor and can’t wait to get my teeth into the Imperial Legion armor which is being recreated from Morrowind from scratch.
Imperial Knight: I am currently in the background, making sure spelling and grammatical errors are left out of the early versions. Soon I’ll be writing quests and dialog for the Imperial Legion mod.


Is there anything you’d like to add to the mod that you’ve struggled with so far?
Not particularly. I guess it would be fun to have much farther reaching powers of arrest as opposed to constraining the arrest powers to quests, but I can’t blame Logam — he works his butt off as it is and there are just way too many potential conflicts and glitches with a free ranging arrest system. So a crap load of quests is just fine. 🙂

Is there one aspect of the project that you think really stands out?
I personally wouldn’t be able to decide for sure until it is all finished. Right now it feels good to be working hard to create a faction that was sorely missed by Morrowind fans in Oblivion. I personally think it was a HUGE oversight to leave a joinable legion faction out of the game. It will take a little work, but right now the entire project is simply amazing, and fun to work with.

You guys put up a trailer in November of 2007…do you feel it still represents your project well?
That was an early representation of our mod, much of the content has changed so as of now, it’s pretty outdated but at the time it was an appetizer for people to keep them going.

How often do you guys work on the project these days?
About 3-4 hours a week.

Logam: Around 2 1/2 – 3 hours a day

Do you guys plan to work on new projects for Oblivion? For other games? Anything you care to share?
Right now all we are working on is getting this project finished. It has been in progress for quite some time now, so it remains at the top of our list. Whether Logam is deciding on making some more amazing mods is entirely up to him. I plan to continue to work on this current mod until it’s finished, and if more mods erupt from this, well, I guess we will see what happens.

What other games are you playing these days?
Heavy Battlefield 2 player (almost 300 hours in a few months)

SFlpm: Mainly a lot of action and RPG genres. I have been playing the Halo series for quite some time. Also, I share the same or more interest in the Half-Life series. They are both extremely great and detailed games. And, of course, my favorite RPG series is The Elder Scrolls series. Some other personal favorites are some of the games developed by LucasArts.

If you guys were all hired on as game developers, what kind of game would you pitch here at Bethesda?
Well I’ve always had a spot for mech games like Chromehounds. Online games where you build your own mech. Chromehounds by itself was weak, but overall it is still fun in its own way. I would build on an idea like that, maybe make the mechs more humanoid and have air, land, and sea styles. That’d be my perfect game.

Logam: That is a very good question, I have always been fascinated with game design and one day hope to pursue a career in the field, but from what I can say at the moment in just a quick thought, the game I would try to pitch would be a similar style game to Oblivion with the addition of fishing, mining, crafting, etc. Or maybe a superhero mod, since I love the idea of flying. However, men in tights could be a turn off for several thousand players.


Reader Comments

  1. You guy’s rock and I agree that this is something Oblivion needs, thanks for your dedication guys.

    Off Topic(slightly)
    With so many dedicated modders in this community still breathing life into a 2 year old plus game it’s hard to believe that so many people doubt Bethesda’s resolve to continue on the path that it has chosen. I hope for the sake of great teams like this one that you make a formal announcement upon the release Fallout 3 and I hope the content of that announcement is in no uncertain terms that you WILL be making TES V and it WILL be a moddable single player game. Long Live TES and many thanks to all the developers at BethSoft and to the many modders that make me say WOW! nearly everyday.