TESFU modders uniting to become NPCs


I thought I’d share news on a cool project being done at The Elder Scrolls Fan Union (TESFU). For one of their newest Morrowind mod projects, they’re allowing fellow modders within their community to create a mod where the members will be serving as the NPCs for the mod. Here’s the basic details from Ibis:

Hi everyone — we are creating an advertising TESFU Mod and all of us members are going to be NPCs in the town. The small town is named Neacrythe and is located between Plegaid and Balmora, on the road that leads to Suran. We town citizens publish a newspaper on a dwemer printing press called The Union. And also publish some of our fanfic writers’ books. There will be dialogue, storylines and quests.

So if you would like to be an NPC, please post your preferred race, class, special dialog topics and a visual description of your character. Post a link of a screenshot of your Morrowind character if you want. Please post any quest ideas you can think of. The ones we are now considering consist of the Player obtaining manuscripts from our various fanfic authors who will live in different Morrowind cities. So also, if you are a fanfic writer, please tell us which one or two of your own favorite works you’d like to see made into a Morrowind book.

Since the town they’re using isn’t big enough to hold all the folks participating, it looks like they’ll be editing the land to make for a larger town space. It definitely sounds like a cool community project where everyone that wants to will be able to get in on the action. We’ll keep our eyes peeled to see how the project ends up.

Reader Comments

  1. GREAT SCOTT!!! Someone tell these Modders its just a game! Tell them “YOUR IN THE GAME” is just a phrase! Just a phrase!

    Have fun doing this 🙂

  2. gstaff,
    I just want to thank you so much for posting this great blog about TESFU! We are finally moving along to the modding stage of exteriors/interiors. ninja_lord666 did the concept art for us of Neacrythe and FC4 who enlarged the peninsula with the land editor has put down shacks at markers for where the houses will be in TESCS. lettuceman44 and I are waiting a little longer to see if anyone wants to edit their NPC before starting those. Thanks again! We are having so much fun with this mod.

  3. Just reporting that the project is alive and kicking. We are still dicussing various minor things that need to bedone, however this project is still alive.

  4. Yes, Ibis is doing a fantastic job with what she has. She doesn’t have a whole lot of help, so if anyone enjoys making mods and would like to take part in the action, we’re more than happy to let you in to our humble home.

    ~ Redsrock, Co-Admin of TESFU.

  5. Thank you James for the update. And to keep everyone informed on our mod’s progress, all the exteriors are finished now and landscaping & foliage are partially done. The interiors are about halfway complete, including the massive job of the 6-floors of The Dragon Break Inn.
    We at TESFU experienced a rather bizarre deletion of our NPC character thread along with many other deletions. However we are rebuilding our NPCs from the active posters on our membership list. So to those who had a TESFU NPC listed, any previously active TESFU members and especially to anyone reading this who would like to become a citizen of our little town of Neacrythe by the sea … join us at this [url=http://s15.zetaboards.com/TESFU_Forums/topic/6534667/1/]LINK[/url] … and we will welcome you to town. There is still prime real estate available!
    Again, thank you gstaff for your great coverage of our mod and we will continue to give updates of our progress as TESFU Town grows.
    Ibis – The Forum Mom

  6. Yes, James is doing a great job of heading the Quest Department for TESFU Town Mod. They’ve already presented us with some interesting questlines.

    The very crude pre-beta mod that he mentions is actually a PRE-ALPHA TEST MOD which will present some vacant house interiors and will make housing choices made available to those who play it. As well as decorating with moveable furniture. This Pre-Alpha will be available from TESFU website only by means of a posted RapidShare link to download the mod from.

    We are hoping for feedback to use in further completing the town of Neacrythe as well as getting the player NPCs’ choices of housing.

    Thank you for your interest,

    Mod Co-Ordinator

  7. Thank you Waffle-guy.

    In my above post, I didn’t mean to make it sound like all the buildings are vacant. Many of them already have their interiors modded and decorated the normal way with furniture. But we thought it would be fun and expedient for our mod; considering that up to now I have been the only modder, to make some of the houses vacant for the player to decorate himself ingame.

    We are looking forward to the addition of 3 more modders – lettuceman44, Unpleasant_Assailant and Dr. Dume who has already contributed the town forge. So with that modding team, the project should soar to new heights hopefully. 🙂

  8. Just to add to Ibis’s post we also have a great group of writers helping out with some of the most creative quests yet.


  9. I just wanted to add to this Blog that we have a wonderfully talented Biologist/Alchemist named Cathym who is doing an excellent job of writing Alchemy Notes about our unique town flora. She is also enumerating their magicka properties and distilling potions from them.

    We have also had the addition of milk_is_white as our ProofReader and quirk as our SpellChecker. redsrock is our Editor/Writer. And Ethelle who has an Alchemist NPC in Neacrythe has volunteered to help with dialogue.

  10. Yeah, things are coming along smoothly. Slowly, but that is to be expected with the number of modders we have. But that’s alright, because the tortoise won the race. teehee