Fallout 3 Survival Edition — Own Your Own Pip-Boy


Update: I’ve added two photos of the prototype below. You can see that it does open up. This one doesn’t show a clasp, but it will have one on the bottom to close it shut. This doesn’t have any decaling or any anything and obviously the whole thing won’t be black, but it does give you and idea of the size and form vs. the rendered image we showed previously.

We just put out a press release announcing the Fallout 3 Survival Edition, available only through Amazon.com, and only in very limited quantities. The Survival Edition of the game will come with all the content found in the Fallout 3 Collector’s Edition (you order whichever platform you want), PLUS a life-size replica of the Pip-Boy 3000 that functions as a watch/clock/whatever (the screen above is just a placeholder image as we’re still finalizing the screen as we speak).

In addition, it’s sort of become a tradition that I get asked to write a diary about whatever Collector’s Edition we’ve created for the game we’re doing. With today’s announcement it seemed like the right time for that, so over on the official site you’ll find a new Diary in the Vault that talks about the different components of both the Collector’s and Survival Editions, and how they came to be.


Keep in mind this Survival Edition is only through Amazon.com, and won’t be listed for any localized versions. The console versions will be NTSC only, not PAL. If you can get to Amazon.com from where you are and order the PC version, I suppose that should still work and they’d still ship it to you.


I have to say the Pip-Boy is turning out really cool. So far we only have an unpainted mold, but it’s still pretty awesome. I’ll try to get a picture of it up shortly. It’s just very cool to see it go from a random idea I had one day to something sitting on my desk. And I need to give props to Losi for the 10,000 emails and phone calls she’s put in to make sure this thing happened, and to our sales VP Ron for all his work on this too.

Reader Comments

  1. I know is a collector`s piece, but $50? No power cord, just batteries? Not a digital clock with alarm? Plastic looks very cheap from the pics. I hope you can make final adjustments to the product. Don`t get me wrong, I love the idea and preordered on the day 1 but I`m not satisfied, but that is just my 2 cents.

  2. I live in france, and i am a fan of fallout, i would like buy “Fallout 3 Survival Edition” but only for us customer !!!
    WHY ???? american people like more fallout than european fan???

    Please french people want this collector of fallout !!!!!!!

    PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I know a few people, like myself, that a really big fans of the fallout series and would like to see a survival version here in the uk/europe region too

  4. Europe wants Survival Edition too. End this stupid discrimination! Or at least explain, why the hell is it available only to U.S. customers.

  5. Why is the international community not good enough to get the survival eddition?
    I just want to know who to be mad at, amazon or bethesda.
    I am seriously concidering not buying this game based on this restriction.

    you guys suck.

  6. I would love for the pipboy 3000 to display hires photos and take PRO Duo or beabel to send pic’s to via bluetooth.. that would make it the best fallout accessory ever

  7. id like to apologize to Pete and the rest of Bethesda, i hope my first post in this topic wasnt the catalyst for all these rude and over-simplified posts from people outside US ranting about how stupid it is not to have this item available outside the US and how its quality seems to lack. I disagree on the latter. I think we should all know by now that bethesda never distributed anything lacking quality. So i have faith that the final product will be a high quality, detailed and working conversationpiece 😛 in Conclusion: its still a shame if the CE would remain unavailable outside the US but im sorry for the flaming, you guys didnt deserve that.

  8. O my god ! I want a Survival Edition for my PC ! And why dont you guys sell it in shops , like the “normal” extended version ? I NEED a Pipboy 3000 ! or a Pipboy 2.0 , but i want it !
    And here , in Spain , i dont know if we have Amazon too , but one thing that is not clear is the price ¿ how much its going to cost ?

  9. I want to sell all my wild bears, three bottles of wonderfull russian VODKA, very ancient granny’s samovar and buy this kit of crazy fallout fan. It takes my soul.
    Bethesda & Amazon you should that fans need Survival edition to survive…

  10. Dumbasses. It’s only available in the US because they have a deal with Amazon.

    It’s just business. Honestly people learn to read other comments! And understand that your comments won’t change anything, they just make me read more.

  11. “its still a shame if the CE would remain unavailable outside the US but im sorry for the flaming, you guys didnt deserve that.”
    Left by Marc on June 17th, 2008

    Yes they did and they do deserve each and every angry comment people have left. Amazon must have its reasons for not wanting to ship outside the US, but it’s up to Bethesda to then find a partner in Europe to sell it here, and one for Asia, Australia, South America, Canada, etc.
    If other companies can do it (Take Two/Rockstar & Atari to name just two) Bethesda should be able to also.

    For the obvious lack of interest in the non-US customers they deserve to get flamed, and people have every single right to vent their disappointments, however useless it may be.

  12. I am an Italian Beth fan and I’ve bought a Collector’s Edition of Oblivion (the one with the Septim metal coin replica)and the original editions of other Elder Scrolls games.
    I was waiting for the “real” Collector’s Edition of Fallout 3 (the Survival Edition) exactly as all every US player.
    There are a lot of players in the world that want that edition of the game.
    Maybe I don’t know anything about business but I don’t understand what kind of business is :

    1- restricting the purchase of this item only to US
    2- mortifying all the others collectors and fans.
    3- decreasing the sales of Collector’s Edition.
    4- loosing sales of standard edition for reaction
    (lot of people will not buy any edition as a predictable result).

    If Amazon is responsible of this choice I hope that Bethesda will step in that decision and change it.

  13. Dear Bethesda,

    By the tree of Harold!! What is your marketing team thinking.. making THE Survival Edition US residents only!?!
    I’ve been playing the Fallout series ever since its first release, enjoying the experience alone and with friends for an entire decade.
    Not joining the few who believe Fallout 3 won’t even get near a fraction of that almost devine experience.
    I do agree with some of them since buying the rights and calling a title Fallout 3 doesn’t make it Fallout 3.

    It has to earn that name.

    However i’ve full trust in the skills and imagination of the Devs to make this a great success.
    You can ofcourse understand my disappointment when finding out that THE must have item will be made available only to US residents.
    I hope a Dev agree’s with the community and creates a special encounter where you meet the guy who’s responsible for this.

    Let’s say you find him near a pack of death claws, hiding from them in an old shack,
    with his hair falling out, skin blistering and dieing of radiation sickness coughing for some rad-away.
    Ofcourse you can give him some Iguana-on-a-stick and walk away.
    Asyou walk away you see the pack moving towards the shack.


  14. Please, at least bring up the fact that Europe wants the pipboy 3000 too!
    Talk about it! You need to have a discussion about it please EUROPE WANTS SURVIVAL EDITION. Make it happen!
    You are losing sales,
    and the respect of your fans.

  15. Looks as though the first AD image shows a Pip-Boy with a curved tube like screen. The prototype pics show a flat screen. I wonder what the extra functionality could be. It is a 50 dollar item and I would be happy if it was merely a clock radio. Some how I feel there is more to it than that..

  16. This looks really cool, but since I don’t live in the US, it seems Bethesda doesn’t want my money. Oh well, I won’t buy their game then.

  17. Yeah sure it sucks that they are releasing the pip-boy to the states only, I live in Canada and cant get it, but i will be getting it throught a friend of mine down there. Even so, you buy a game for the game, not for the little extras that come with it. When the EBgames messed up my halo 3 legendary pre-order, i didnt complain (well just a little), i thought what do i need with a plastic helmet anyway, yeah sure it would be awesome to have, but so what. all i want is the game, the bonuses are not necessary, but its still better with them. 😛

  18. i’m late on the scene with regard to the whole “survival edition is US only” saga, however i had to express my disappointment when i attempted my order today.

    i live in australia and of course recieved the standard “no ship to you, non-US customer” message from amazon.

    in this day and age, how can a gaming company seriously consider a “one country” edition?

    gaming has no borders, as is clearly demonstrated in the above comments.

    yeah, true, i won’t die due to not receiving a pipboy, but how backwards is it that i don’t have the option of buying one because i don’t live in the US?

    get out of the dark ages bethesda. gaming is a global phenomenon, not restricted to the US….

  19. Damn it! Why??? Bethesda, you were my #1 developer and publisher up until i found out you were only shipping that survival edition of F3 to US customers only. All of my friends share the same perspective when all us international gamers say “Give us that Pip-Boy 3000!!!!” remember, it’s not too late, you can restore the loylty of your fans in the mass production and international distribution of your survival edition…

  20. In case you haven’t noticed, there have been various games that were only released in certain countries… not to mention various versions of games. Look at Japanese limited releases! Various countries also have laws prohibiting certain sales, versions, ratings, etc.

    I wouldn’t go blaming Bethesda for this. And as for making it exclusive to Amazon, yeah it sucks. I make my pre-order for the C.E. at GameStop too and would have upgraded if I could. But making it through one company, an online one, is way easier to manage.

    I think you people are getting all up-in-arms over nothing. These are “games” after all. I’d put more of that energy into more tangible areas.

    Oh, and Pete, great job on the game! I love what you’ve done with the series. And the collectors editions are awesome! Thanks!

  21. Hmm…I hope that Bethesda will not make any more good games that I must have…I’ll live in UE…shame on you Bethesda…Its censored version of mine feelings.

  22. This is a real shame that the Survival Edition is US only.
    In a time of globalization when you can order and buy anythig from the other side of the Globe.
    Someone here mentioned that this is not about making customers happy,that its about making money.
    I think that the Marketing Team in Bethesda should get a new calculator because their old one is probably broken.
    Fact is that Northern America (US + Canada) has the 2nd smallest population in world around 330 mil.
    Compared to Europes 720mil. or Asian 3910mil.

    They should realy reconsider this.

  23. I too am dissapointed that the Survival edition is only available in the US. It’s true that Bethesda isn’t entirely to blame, but would it be so hard to have Amazon.COM share this item with Amazon.CA or Amazon.CO.UK? And even if that is impossible, I think Bethesda should at least acknowledge the fact that a lot of international fans are getting screwed over and explain the situation or apologize at least.

  24. The fact that there have been so many posts from outside of the states about this being exclusive to the us speaks volumes about the potential market.

    Calling the complaints intangible is astoundingly short sighted, especially from someone who has put their time in to commenting just like everyone else.
    If people care about this nobody has any right to say they shouldn’t.
    I’d hoped to get the SE as a gift. Any plans to release the extras separately for the worldwide market?

  25. Just got an email from Amazon tlling me the publisher changed the release date.
    “Hello from Amazon.com.

    We have received new release date information related to your pre-ordered
    video game in the order you placed on July 15 2008 11:32 PDT (Order# 002-8014720-7898600). The release date
    for the video game listed below has been changed by the publisher, and we want to provide you with a
    new delivery estimate based on the new release date:

    “Fallout 3: Amazon.com Exclusive Survival Edition” [Video Game]
    Release date: 10/24/2008
    Estimated arrival date: 11/05/2008 – 11/12/2008

    If there are other items in your order, they’ll be shipped according to the delivery estimates listed in the order details in Your Account (www.amazon.com/your-account).

    If you still want us to ship the items when they do become available (though they may arrive later than expected) please visit this address to approve the delay:”

    Hmm.. any news of this elsewhere?

  26. To all those people commenting that the unavailability of the survival edition in those places other than the U.S. is just whingeing are missing the point entirely. Gamers are gamers wherever they hail from, and it is a ridiculous decision that seperates gamers into areas of have’s and have nots; ie. these gamers over here can have this limited edition trinket, but all of you others may not, and we will give no reason for it.
    The simple fact is it’s awful to pre-order the title in my country as soon as possible only to find that in other countries not only is it cheaper, but it also comes with extra’s that I don’t even have a chance at getting.

    You may say it’s a big deal over nothing; it is not happening in your country. Fallout fans around the world are prepared to pay a little extra to say thanks to the developers of this very important title, all we want is a chance at saying thanks and getting something to make us feel special in return.

    And by the way, I don’t appreciate having my last comment removed when there was no swearing or anything in the least that would cause offence, only a cogent argument; but I guess what is more threatening 😉


  27. I am really excited about this set, though I don’t know if I will have time to play Fallout 3. I might just get it for the Pip-Boy 3000 watch replica. I wrote a nice write up about it here:


    What I really need to start seeing are pictures of people wearing the Pip-Boy 3000. That is something worth blogging about on my watch blog.


  28. Hey,
    First of all – this should be a “survival” not “survivial” edition, as you wrote in the subject, or shouldn’t it?
    Second of all, as European, and furthermore – citizen of a country that will host american anti-missiles, therefore making itself a good starting point for a nuclear war, I would really appreciate giving me this “survival” edition as a reward for correcting you 😉

  29. You know what? I think that US crisis is somehow a punishment for not releasing Survival Edition for others. THANK YOU for your discrimination! You US people think you are the greatest, the mightest… and it looks like you are not!

    I hope that Dollar with go much lover, so I can get a Survival F3 on ebay veeeery cheaply.

    P.S. No offence for other Americans not involved 🙂

  30. Well,,,,,

    5 days and i will have my pip boy

    Can SOMEBODY PLEASE Tell Something about his Funtionality???

    i want to remodelated it and put a radio into ahahahaha,

    well, by the way some day the world as i knowing it,,, will may be desappiered,,,,, maibe about 21 february of 2013 ????

    well a pip boy is like the new tipe of Mini Laptopts that are in the way YEAHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    se yu by the way, i will expect that everybody was worked so much and that the censure can brings to us a Big Game and a Excelent Dark/light Vision of the Reallity like the olders fallout and a bigg amount of “black and hilarious situations or NPCs and his dark taste about the human society ahahahaha as i see .)P”

    well, Thanks for making the new game That Everybody Wants to See Again,,,, and,,,,, well,,,,,, can tell me Where i Can Get very fast a good weapon ????

    well,,, dont tell to me,,,, i wanna explore your game, as i Explored the Fallut 1 and 2 so many Years Ago Yeahhhh !!!!!!!!!!!

    but this time i expect to read spanish texts and to loss very time in the game as the first games,,,,,

    I DONT WANT TERMINATE THE GAME SO SOON,,,, as others games,,,, 44 hours?? its a trouble and BORING when a game is SO LINEAl or Maibe if dont Have a Incentive like the “water Chip”,,, well,,, i know that in this game i can save the world or NOT, maibe my father know something or maibe not,,,, and what about of 500 possible EndingS ?????


    i wat to play this game so many times if there is a good game, i have a good pc and this will be mi last pc for sure ahahaha, maibe my last game ahahahahahaha,,,,


    thanks to everybody for making this possible and i see yurs again in the expansion or maibe a fallout 4 if yours can make ours dreams to Digital Reallity !!!!!!!!!!!!



    this is a MATURE GAME,,,,

    like the REAL LIFE



    (well,,,,, by the way we can be boys again in this new digital recreations !!!!! :)PP

  31. I pre-ordered this and got it today (10/30) from Amazon. BIG MISTAKE. The Pip-Boy 3000 is a piece of junk. It didn’t even work, in that I couldn’t set the time, and I’m not about to pay $10 for warranty work for the item right out of the box. Plus the clock didn’t even tell time right. It started at 12:00am and flipped a minute later to 12:01pm; the transition happens at 12:00, so I’m wondering who programmed the thing. Finally (you can see my other thoughts in my Amazon review), the clock is so dim and the LCD blocks so bright white that it’s hard to even read it during the day. I mailed the game back to Amazon within 90 minutes of receiving it.

    Bethesda – I’m really disappointed that you passed on this junk as an exclusive item. I would have gladly paid $50 (vs. the Collector’s edition) for a nice item or a few other goodies, but the Pip-Boy is worthless.

  32. Unfortunately I must agree with M. Fisher. My Pip-Boy 3000 worked fine out of the box but I felt at loss of words when I noticed it was a clock. Just a clock, nothing more.

    And yet this was stated,
    “It’s battery powered. I need to get some pics up of the production piece because I think folks think it’s a clock.

    It’s not a clock. It’s a Pip-Boy. It looks like it would go on a wrist/arm. It has a hinge and opens up. It’s built to mirror the one in the game, exactly.

    However, the box will say on it “Do not wear this.” And you should never do that. It would be terrible to walk around with one on your arm.

    Left by Pete on June 6th, 2008”

    I was lied to as well as the many others that had spent their extra hard earned cash ($50) for a digital clock that doesn’t even have an alarm function. *Shrugs Shoulders* Oh well.

  33. Exactly gstaff,

    Pete clearly stated it’s not a clock either and if I recall somewhere being that the company was working on the last details of what function to throw in. Could it have been last minute reasoning to just say.. “ok guys screw it, lets make it a clock”?

    I understand your stand to reply as such in the name of the company. Overall if it was just an extremely detailed model with a classic display art would’ve worked fine for me… But hey don’t let it get to ya I mean interplay did give us Fallout : BoS on console 😛

  34. No, it had clock functionality from the day we announced it — just as the picture indicates. I think you misunderstood his comment regarding it not being a clock. His point was it’s more than just being a clock…it’s a replica Pip Boy (it opens up/clamps down like a Pip Boy, etc.) If you scroll down a bit more, he talked a little more about the clock functionality on the same day.

    “It’s a Pip-Boy first and foremost. We just wanted it to do something, so we built it some functionality so while it’s sitting in your desk, or your room, it does something.”

    I see how you could have read it differently, sorry if you misunderstood.

  35. Well I don’t believe I was misunderstanding the subject at hand but if you think so then so be it I just really hope this thing goes for at least 50 bucks at a garage sale.

  36. QQ…

    I like it, dim and all. 😉

    Sorry to those across the pond. These kinds of things are disappointing given just how small the world has become.

    But, back to Pipboys; thanks Bethesda for providing us with something some of us like in the survival edition. It’s just plain neat. I get a lot of compliments as it sits on my desk (I’m a System Engineer, so IT guys get away with such things.)

  37. Looks like I’m not alone in being let down by this piece. Got the survivial edition a day late from amazon, clock had one broken button… not a big deal, could still set the clock… a week later, the batteries are dead.

    This is a terrible quality product that people shelled out $50.00 for in good faith – to say it even functions as a clock is stretching.

    I contacted Bethesda support, was told to submit a warranty claim with the manufacturer – 20 dollars to ship a clock that arrived broken to a company that couldn’t make it right in the first place is unacceptable. I attempted to escalate the ticket with Bethesda, and have now heard nothing from them in 2 weeks.

    It seems that everyone who ordered this has the same problem, from the amazon comments, and bethesda’s own forums: http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/index.php?showtopic=904090

  38. DO NOT buy the Survival Edition. I have not heard of one person who has received a perfect working Pip-Boy 3000 Clock. Those of us who do have working ones have been even more appalled to find that it will run through even TOP of the line AA batteries in less than a week. (3 new batteries 52 times a year = $$$) Not to mention it was clearly extremely cheaply and haphazardly made. I regret paying $50 for this, so let this be a warning.
    For more information please look up the countless threads related to this topic, and if you are one of the people like myself who was duped into buying this product, you have my sympathies. I only hope that Bethesda can fix this obvious marketing snafu and give us back a product that Fallout fans deserve.